Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Mailday Post: Bob Walk the Plank

In marketing, brand recognition and brand awareness is everything.  Come up with a memorable jingle or name, and everyone remembers you and your brand.  I mean, if you watched the World Cup at all, you all saw the Bacardi "Untameable" Commercial with that kick-ass guitar line.  

That guitar line is from an Arctic Monkeys song called "Do I Wanna Know?" which is such a catchy song that I still like it even if I heard that guitar line about 5 times per halftime and in pregame per game I watched on TV...

Another marketing genius whose product -- like Bacardi -- truly delivers is Bob Walk the Plank.  Since Matt started blogging earlier this year with that memorable URL for his blogspot, I doubt that any one of us who has been going through cards since then and has seen a Bob Walk card hasn't mentally thought "Bob Walk the Plank."

It is, as I said, marketing genius.

But, as anyone who has bought anything based on an advertisement knows, no one will care about your catchy ads and music if you don't back up the flash with substance.  Matt does an excellent job of this as well, spreading relics and autos throughout the blogosphere with panache.

Luckily for me -- a person whose blog name is outdated nearly immediately after it started...maybe I should have gone with "Edsel" -- Matt is kind enough to include me on his mailing list of generosity.

So, when an envelope showed up from him a week or so ago, I was pretty excited to see what it contained.  Once again, Matt did not disappoint:

I believe this is my first ever card from the Topps Unique sets, and it is a doozy.  Braun is hitting a lot fewer solo -- or other -- shots this year, but at least he is keeping his batting eye and getting on base.

My Museum Collection purchases did not contain any Braun cards, so getting this Emerald or Green or whatever color Topps called it numbered to 199 was an excellent addition.

I'm not sure if I have many, if any, Topps Tribute cards, so to add a Yovani on-card autograph serial numbered to 99 was just phenomenal.

And, while I have this card already, I'll never turn down a Robin Yount card or drawing of him smiling.  Most of his cards after about 1981 show him either looking sullen, angry, or in action.

Matt, once again, you outdid yourself.  Thank you very much for your kindness.  I know I have a couple of cards for you here that I'll get out to you when I do another trade package binge like I did a couple of weeks ago.

Thanks, bud.


  1. Thanks for the nice post! Always enjoy trading with you. No hurry on a return package. Like I said before I was able to get some really good deals. I have some cool Pirate patch cards from Topps Unique. Some really cool stuff came out of that set.

  2. Happened to me just the other day going through some old cards. And Bob Walk popped up