Sunday, July 27, 2014

Gintacuffs Timefilling Post 2: Highlights from the rest of the Box

As I sit here this morning with my cup of coffee watching Major League, which was on this new movie channel yesterday, I thought that I'd finish off the Hobby Box of Allen & Ginter that I opened already.  I was thinking about drawing it out a bit, but I just don't have that amount of patience right now.

So, here are the highlights of the rest of the box.  I got my requisite 24 mini cards, my requisite number of hits, and a couple of Brewers.  Frankly, on that level, the box was disappointing in that I did not get a Molitor or a Yount -- either a regular size or a mini.

But I did get some decent cards -- and cards that I like too -- nonetheless.  Let's go worst to first.

Yeah, it's a relic, when the guy's claim to fame is being the inspiration for Van Wilder...and that he was named the "top partier" at Florida State University in about 1998, well, color me less than excited.

Don't get me wrong -- I like the Fields of Yore subset -- but why not include more stadiums that have been gone longer than Yankee Stadium? Okay, I don't hate that this Stadium was in the subset even, but why is Wrigley in there?  Must be the Ginter Code.

1980s players seem to be ignored somewhat by the Hall of Fame because their numbers did not reach the levels of the steroid-infused 1990s.  Read that sentence again.  "Steroid-infused."  Dale Murphy has been criminally underappreciated by the voters from the Hall, and I'm glad to see him getting a bit of love in the A&G set.  Makes me wonder why the Archives set couldn't include guys like the Murph.

So the only full-sized card autograph is from a basketball player.  That's fine.  Heck, this card has a great resale value on eBay even.  It would, at least, if the packaging process hadn't devoured the bottom of the card.

My final hit:

It's a white swatch of fabric.  Kind of boring, but it is Joey Votto.

Glenn Waggoner has to be my Rotisserie Baseball representative over Dan Okrent because, well, I didn't get a Dan Okrent.  I would rather have featured Okrent, though, because (a) Okrent wrote the excellent book 9 Innings: The Anatomy of a Baseball Game about the 1982 Milwaukee Brewers and (b) I just beat Okrent last week on a trivia website called Learned League in Animal Trivia.

It's the little things in life that excite me.

Here are my two favorite inserts that I got:

Turner, along with John Constable, were major influences on the Impressionists in France who followed him historically.  The Impressionists like the landscapes and Turner's use of light.  Then, those painters -- especially guys like Gauguin and van Gogh -- started becoming influenced by Japanese woodblock prints and, between the two, we started seeing a breakdown in the "reality" depicted on paintings.  It's an interesting study historically.

I like Diwali because it's a frequent trivia question answer.

Now, for the guys I collect:

Yeah, other than the Jean Segura from pack 1, I got the regular and mini sizes of Aramis Ramirez and the regular sized Carlos Gomez and Eddie Mathews.  Not exactly a box chock full of Brewer fun.

But, it filled the time between Archives and Gint-A-Cuffs!


  1. That McDermott is a nice pull. He is selling really well online.

  2. Thanks for the history lesson on the French Impressionist painters. You learn something new every day :).

    1. LOL! Like I said in a previous post, I like trivia and that's what can make the A&G and some of these other sets great -- it mixes the historical/trivia with baseball.