Tuesday, April 28, 2015

War Has Been Declared!

Many of us have been following along in awe as two heavyweight traders in the blogosphere -- Jaybarkerfan and Bob Walk the Plank -- have been slugging it out in a manner not seen since 1892, when Harry Sharpe and Frank Crosby went head to head for 77 rounds for the Missouri Lightweight Championship...or, in more modern parlance, something akin to the Thrilla in Manila:

Back in January, these two started trading blows.  Matt got some body blows in early, and even scored a few points with the judges in March.  The tide turned when JBF brought out the big sticks...an autographed bat from a pitcher.  In the end, The Plank called time on the war and raised the white flag.

After the Great Scott -- likely clad in his Brian Boehringer jersey -- finally said "No Mas" like Roberto Duran against Sugar Ray Leonard, it seemed an obvious question for JBF to answer:

With a shout-out to former UGA football player Bill Goldberg, the question is: Who's Next?

JBF hinted at it on his final battle post:

My charges must rest for a while.  Where will we march next.  I will only take on a "VARSITY" squad.  Maybe the battle can be documented by CNN?  Perhaps it will be as easy as PEACHES and cream?  If Peabody can't tell where I'm going to march maybe SHERMAN can?

Now, let's be honest.  There are at least a few excellent bloggers here in Atlanta -- two that immediately spring to mind are Dayf the Cardboard Junkie and Matt from Heartbreaking Cards of Staggering Genius, who are the minds behind the excellent podcast The Trading Card Preservation Society -- so I was not making any presumptions.

Then, there was JBF's comment on the Bob Walk the Plank blog:

But, I had to ask in some way.  I started with an innocuous comment...and it escalated.

After that, I had to acknowledge what was coming:

But, if it is war for which I must prepare, then, at least, I can find a way to make it fun (from TheOatmeal.com).  My cat Gus will come in handy:

He will be the leader in this charge!

Failing that, I'll talk my wife into getting us another dog too:

And, the dog then becomes the secret weapon:

If all else fails, look for the hamsters to descend on Hazel Green:

More to the point, I believe there is a card show or two this weekend.  It's time to saddle up and head for battle stations!

War is declared.

Even by some punk-ish Euro-types.

I hope JBF likes oddballs.


  1. Dear Tony,

    We got your distress signal, but I regret to inform you that we will not be able to send any support to your current location at this time. We apologize and sincerely hope you survive.

    - Captain Rex

  2. Tony, it sure was nice getting to know you.

  3. oh dear God this should be interesting.

  4. I'm a pacifist. May it be brief and painless. War is a money-machine.

  5. Hope you have enough money to add an addition to your house.

  6. This is one fight where I don't see David taking down Goliath. If you send him 2 of something, he'll send 20. You send 20... he send 200. Starting to see a pattern? Have fun buddy. This isn't going to be pretty.