Thursday, April 2, 2015

Junkie Man, Tell Me What Your Story Is

I've been going with a lot of theme posts lately.  They are more fun for me to write than the usual "thanks for the cards" posts, and I hope they haven't been too over the top. Of course, I'm an obnoxious lawyer from Milwaukee, so "over the top" is part of my DNA.  It is part I've suppressed being in the South for the better part of 25 years between college, law school, and life, but it's still there.

My post title, though can only mean one thing: the Junior Junkie bestowed a bubble mailer on me. 

Well, I suppose it could just mean I'm a big fan of the band Rancid too.  There was a time back in law school where I listened to the album ....And Out Come the Wolves on a very regular basis, so that is part of it too.  With the title being "Junkie Man", how about a link to that song:

I do love me some mid-1990s ska/punk/grunge music. But, I don't think I have a theme post in me today -- sorry TJ -- so a simple review of the great cards that came my way from Louisiana will have to suffice.


I remember buying some of these packs of Fleer team stickers back in about 1980 or 1981. The gum tasted funny -- almost that fake sweet that sugarless gum had back then -- and it was disappointing then not to see pictures of real baseball players.  It was also disappointing that Fleer stickers believed that the centerfield fence was 480 feet from home plate.  Who wants to see that?

These stickers, though, now make me feel nostalgic for a far simpler time.  


I talked about Lara in a post fairly recently as the kid who might move quickly up in the system because of his talent -- but he is incredibly young.  DeMuth was a 4-year player at Indiana University who was pushed upwards fairly rapidly in the Brewers system. He struggled in the Midwest League last year, but at age 23, he'll need to keep progressing quickly.  Kole was drafted in the 8th round last year out of Villanova.  He got knocked around pretty good in rookie ball last year -- a 7.64 ERA and 48 hits in 35-1/3 innings, which isn't good even if the league ERA was 4.72 -- so, well, good luck JB.  Sneed wasn't much better -- a 5.92 ERA in 38 innings -- so, once again, work on that stuff, Cy.    Stokes spent last summer in the Arizona rookie league and showed good speed and OBP but no power at all.  We'll see about these guys.


You can't tell it, but I think this Segura was one of those Foil parallels.  Add it to the PC!

1973 Originals!

As a team collector, I like different cards like this. But, I can't treat this as anything other than an oddball. I don't know what to chase here, because Topps doesn't tell us how many of each card exist, which cards have the "original" stamp, etc.  So, it's stick it with the cereal box cards from the 1980s and add it to the Brewers database, but otherwise, I view these with some disinterest.  If I get them, fantastic -- I love them when I have them.  But, without a set list, I don't know what I'm missing.  

GLOSSY Gallardos!

A Chrome Refractor and a Topps Tribute card for a pitcher whose time in Milwaukee put him 6th all-time in WAR for pitchers, 5th in ERA, 5th in wins, 3rd in Win-Loss Percentage, 7th in fewest hits per nine innings, 1st in strikeouts per nine innings, 7th in innings pitched, 1st in strikeouts, and 6th in games started in his career.  In other words, he's all over the leaderboard.  That's why he's a PC for me, and these both go right into the PC.


I remember Barker.  He came in with all kinds of promise, but his career with Milwaukee consisted of 78 games in 1999 and 2000 with very little power but decent OBP skills.  That didn't cut it for a first baseman.  

Bausher?  His biggest claim to fame was that the Brewers signed him in 2003 out of an Independent league after seeing him pitch in just one game.  Bausher got all the way to Triple-A -- in 2005 with Boston and in 2006 with Boston and then Cincinnati.  Then the trip back down happened.

Then, there was this one:

What in the heck is this? Some weird cross-promotion between Topps and some card graders, I guess?  Belcher got as far as Double-A for Milwaukee and Montreal in 2004 and then 2005 (with Washington, the erstwhile Montreal, of course), but then found himself in the Independent leagues from 2006 on.  He was an OF and C whose bat couldn't carry him past Double-A.  

Too bad, because this strange looking presentation actually is kind of cool and includes his certified autograph!

Thanks, TJ, for these great cards -- especially the Gallardos and the Segura!


  1. Cy Sneed is a pretty great name, though. And fortunately you don't need a license to rock that serious mustache. Right?

    1. Seriously. With a name and a mustache like that, he really should be a better pitcher than he is.

    2. Probably spends his off-season tying helpless damsels to railroad tracks instead of playing winter ball.

  2. That was a well rounded package. Lots of nice sets lime Tribute and Chrome. That Belcher auto is super weird.

  3. Nice pick ups. Yeah Fleer Gum always had a strange sugarless taste it was also very powdery. That is how I recall it from the early 70s when I was opening the Laughlin World Series cards they produced. A couple of years ago (2 or 3) I finally finished the 1970 set of those. I only have about 1/2 dozen of the 1971 set.

  4. Right? How about that Belcher? I don't even remember how I came upon that, but I knew it belonged to a Brewers fan.

  5. Any package with 80's Fleer stickers is a winner.