Sunday, April 12, 2015

Another Envelope By Which to Remember the Astrodome

Not long after I wrote about the first envelope that Bru from Remember the Astrodome sent me, I got another one from him.  

Since I just got back from my local card show (and learning that the guy who runs the show has read my blog) and I have some work to do to get through the items I purchased, this post highlighting this second envelope is going to be a bit briefer than most of my posts have been lately. And yes, that means that there will be "Card Show Vintage" coming up soon here. 

But this post: It's a "Thank you, Bru!" and showing off the cards post.  

Bru packaged up three types of cards.  First, there were the early 1990s cards that I needed for the team collection:

The less said about the Franklin Stubbs years, the better. Next, I'm glad Leaf's photographer was able to take that photo of Willie Randolph on a day where it appears about 3 people made it to the game (against the Tigers, from what the uniform looks like).

And finally, look -- it's Cecil Fielder presaging his estranged son's years in Milwaukee while holding a geriatric Jim Gantner on first base!  Seriously, Gantner looks stiff and frail on all of his cards from the early 1990s, and this card is no different.  Also, is it my eyesight starting to fail me, or does it look like the umpire in the background is wearing a Brewers blue T-shirt?

Okay, on to the next cards Bru sent -- 2015 Opening Day:

The big draw here for me is the "Hit the Dirt" insert of Carlos Gomez. Topps Opening Day is frankly just another parallel to me -- sort of like Chrome is as well.  It's basically a way to use the same card design for three sets (that all of us buy) and not have to pay the graphic designers anything additional.   I mean, I'll add them to my player collections and my team collection, but it doesn't mean I have to like that it happens.

Finally, there was one "card" that stood alone:

It's sticker Scooter! I really like the design for the stickers this year -- it's clean without being boring and the use of the little arch at the bottom to hold up the logo keeps the design interesting as well.  This photo of Gennett is pretty good as well.  This is my first 2015 Topps Sticker also.

Bru, thanks again for yet another mailer from you. 


  1. Im a sticker fan this year too. Topps Flagship sunk again, as far as I'm concerned. That your blog is becoming known isn't a surprise. Tony, your writing is interesting. I read all your posts tho don't always comment. Hold that ROY trophy high!

  2. No problem! Always happy to drop some more of the Brewers in your lap.