Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Don't Have a Breakdown

Sometimes, you know your car isn't running right.  You can feel something is wrong, or you can smell a strange smell, or you hear a knock that just doesn't sound right.  The Federal Trade Commission has a list of information to consider when you are looking for a good mechanic.  

Once you find a good mechanic, though, they try to keep you coming back -- often through mailed and e-mailed reminders that your car is due for service.  

I did not, however, expect to get my service reminder from a Goodyear in Oregon inside of a bubble mailer.

This, clearly, is no ordinary service visit.

What do you think, Mr. Braun?

Oh, you think that's funny, do you? 

Hey, wait a minute, that's not my car, Ryan.  I think that one belongs to someone else. Who's damn car is this?

Morgan? I mean, didn't you leave with that Tony Plush alter ego a couple of years ago?  I thought you took all that other junk with you too.

Oh, come on -- get rid of Kevin Barker's car.

Didn't realize you were here, Barker. 

Wait...dadgum it, I didn't tell anyone they could park here.  Who's car is that?

Wait.  Don't tell me.  That's GOT to be Burnitz's car.

Of course it is.  Hey, this is kind of fun trying to figure out what car each guy drives...

For some reason, this could only belong to one former Brewer pitcher:

Here's a car model I've never seen before...what the heck is a Venirauto?

Oh, you say it's Venezuelan? Then it has to be this guy's car, and he seems none too happy about being outed with owning it:

One more....a safe reliant automobile:

Which could only belong to a man of the 1980s...

This auto repair reminder was brought to me by Baseball Card Breakdown. Gavin often uses offbeat and unusual items as inserts to protect the cards that he sends out in trades, and this time I got his auto service center reminder that he needs to get his oil checked.

Gavin participated in the Nachos Grande Heritage case break and got the Brewers as one of his teams.  He was kind enough to send those cards my way -- including one of all the high numbered Brewers of Braun (above), Jonathan Lucroy, and Carlos Gomez (below) and two of all the rest of the Brewers.

He also threw in some other Brewers, as you saw above -- the crowning card of which is that Bill Wegman autographed 1989 Bowman.

Gavin, thank you very much for the great group of cards you sent to me.

And please, go get your oil changed.


  1. cards are nice adds but I'm completely distracted by the 69 Mustang Boss 429!!!

  2. Glad you like! Yeah, those guys keep the junk mail flyers comin' to my mailbox. But hey, they make good card protection!

  3. How timely...I just had to have my car towed last week...and my f'n oil light is on too.

  4. I thought it was funny that Nyjer went crazy after he left the Pirates. My main recollection of his time in Pittsburgh was that he would slide over the base on steal attempts and get tagged out.

    Great stuff from Gavin /schedules oil change

  5. Totally can picture Greinke in a Mini. Creative post. Are you taking writing lessons from Night Owl? If he's offering classes, I'd love to join.