Saturday, April 18, 2015

Back to the Card Show: The Brewers Cards

Last weekend, I spent a few hours at my usual monthly card show.  The cheap items in dime boxes were fewer in number this time than even the last time I went, but I still came home with a lot of great cards for less money than I would have otherwise expected to pay. Today's post is going to highlight the Brewers cards.  I have two more posts from the show yet to come -- one to cover the Milwaukee Braves cards from after 1965 combined with the Gary Carter cards and another to cover the truly vintage Milwaukee cards.

But today, let's celebrate the newer cards.  As always, some of these finished off team sets while others go directly into the player collections.

The first table I stopped at was manned by a guy from South Carolina.  I have talked to this gentleman at two past shows -- both the one in Roswell/North Fulton and the one in McDonough -- and each time I was able to pull some great cards from his dime boxes.  This time was no different, so let's go to the cheap seats first!

How about a dime for a Topps Chrome Refractor, to start?

And a couple of Opening Day PC Parallel types too:

I finished off my Topps Chrome Brewers team set too.  I didn't scan them, but they were all dimeboxers as well.  

He also had a great $0.25 box that turned into 6 for $1.  From that box, I snagged a couple of Brewers from Bowman Chrome:
Refractor, SN500

Refractor, SN500

Regular chrome...I think this was a dime card
My memory gets a little fuzzy here, but I think that these other three cards were in the dollar bin or were sold for $1 to me:  

SN8/150 -- an eBay 1/1 for being
his uniform number!

Purple Paper Parallel

The Garza is also an eBay 1/1 for being serial numbered 72/75 -- the same as his ERA!

My next stop were the quarter-boxes of another seller whose table I stop at frequently.  The box yielded a few Brewers I needed and some that I'm not sure if I needed or not...I guessed that for a quarter I wouldn't mind having a double:

Yes, Molitor is a Blue Jay looking skyward to a Twin on that Pinnacle Card, but I needed it for his player collection.

My last stop at which I purchased Brewers was Frank Moiger's table.  Frank is the guy who organizes and promotes the two shows on the north side of Atlanta near where I live -- the North Fulton Sports Collectibles Show and the East Cobb Sports Collectibles Show.  I have been meaning to get to the other show in Marietta, but this month that was not going to happen.  

Despite the fact that Frank is a big-time Tennessee Volunteer fan, I like him anyway.  He always has vintage boxes with commons and some stars set up for set builders, and this time he had a binder with some random relics in them.  In addition to a bunch of older Braves cards, this time I got a few Brewers cards from him:

The most expensive of the Brewers I got

And, for $3 (or, rather, as part of the transaction with a represented cost of $3) I picked up this fashionable swatch.

This is just the appetizer, though.  

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I'm a huge Matt Garza fan when he pitches against the Pirates. :)