Monday, April 4, 2016

Now Is the Time: A Handwritten Post

You can thank Gavin at Baseball Card Breakdown for the illegibility that follows.

Or, should we not believe the hype?


  1. I like your collective pooling idea - I missed the price for a bulk purchase and there's some definite potential in your idea of team collectors sharing the burden.

    Also, otherwise, I might be tempted to try these out once or twice on my own. But, only if the card is truly significant to me though (i.e. a player's first/only Cubs card, a moment from a game I attended). I mean, just like in college, I kind of like to try everything once.

  2. I'm torn just like you. I think it's a terrific gimmick but I inherently distrust gimmicks. I wonder how many times there will be small-market games ONLY on a given day and how they'll decide what the best moment was. It might have been better to throw all the game match-ups in a computer and have some genius programmer create an algorithm to equally select the game or team to be featured. That way your Brewers have an equal opportunity to be represented as 12 different images of Clayton Kershaw in his wind-up or release. I'd probably allow myself to buy one card. Just one. Because I think $10 is a lot of pay, even if shipping is included. But of course they are gambling on the addictive nature of card collecting.


    PS: Even though I couldn't make out every word, this handwritten blog post was genius.

  3. Imagine a photo such as the Bautista bat flip on Topps Now. Drive 2ndary prices through the roof...

    I'm kind of mixed on this as well. I liked the idea, but the price tag is a bit too much for my liking.

  4. Huh... so if only person purchases a Topps Now card within the 24 hour window, will Topps add a 1/1 on the card? That would be kind of cool.

  5. First of all, your writing is way better than most bosses that I've had, so there was no trouble deciphering it at this end.

    Second, I hate the Topps Now idea and am glad that I don't need to worry about it as a Browns fan. If I were a baseball team collector I would be torn because I would want all the cards from my team. I think your idea of pooling together is a really good one.

    Finally, I kind of hope this flops because I would hate to see it moved on to football.

    1. The only thing I like really is the design.. I wish the base set looked like the Topps Now cards

  6. Love the handwritten post!

    As for Topps Now.. it's an interesting concept and will be something to keep an eye on, though I doubt I'd pony up for one. If a hot young prospect comes out of nowhere and starts lighting up the game and has few if any cards on the market, I could see his Topps Now card(s) blowing up.

  7. I think all the companies are trying to find the big $ idea for online cards. Like Gavin said above, I think prices would blow up for a big rookie version of Topps Now.

  8. It was legible enough...I used to teach 6th grade. I think it's a way for Topps to capitalize on people's desire to have it RIGHT NOW! I hope the Rangers don't ever have one. Until they win Game 7 of the World Series.

  9. I'll be the guinea pig. I just bought the Ortiz