Friday, October 31, 2014

Hamlet, Part II

If you have read my post yesterday, you know that Commishbob sent me a really cool 2011 rip card of Yovani Gallardo, serial numbered to 99.  Everyone who weighed in said "rip that Gallardo open!"

I mean, even though Hamlet didn't die at his own hands -- after all, Shakespeare had to make it a complete tragedy and kill off nearly everyone in one large, poisonous, bloody scene -- he still was "not to be".

So, it's only appropriate that I ripped open the Gallardo.  Curiosity killed the cat, and it got the best of me here.

I wish I could say that Bob and I will be splitting the proceeds of a Babe Ruth DNA relic of some sort, but that was be...or in the card...or, come up with your own pun.

All we got inside of the rip card was freaking Tim Lincecum:

So, yeah, that was a bit of a let down. I was hoping that I'd at least get a limited edition mini of a Milwaukee Brewers player in the rip. 

But, that said, I guess this is good trade bait for you Giants collectors. Like you guys don't have enough to enjoy already with being the World Series champions!

Anyway, have a Happy Halloween. I'm off to Jacksonville.

Last year's way-too-close final score thanks to Todd Grantham's patented "Third-and-Grantham" style defense making sure that no third down is too long of a yardage to convert. Ask Louisville about that after the FSU game last night.

The sunset two years ago, with coloration provided by a combination of the south end of Hurricane Sandy's clouds and the general haze that inhabits Jacksonville.


  1. That sunset looks beautiful.

    The future Padre Tim Lincecum doesn't look as beautiful but it's something at least :).

  2. Good luck to the Dawgs. I'm hoping WVU can keep their hot streak going against TCU.

    I'm sure you will find someone to take the most expensive mop up reliever of all time.

    1. Neither of us ended up terribly happy after yesterday's game...yours was a heartbreaking loss; ours was a 3-hour groin shot.

      I've had both recently, and the 3-hour groin shots tend to be less of a lingering pain, oddly enough.

  3. I had to take a look at "the magazine", because the #381 on the Lincecum made me wonder.

    It seems that the higher numbers are a little more rarer than the 1-350 cards, and the commons range from $10-25.

    Not bad....I guess...