Sunday, November 2, 2014

Happy trails, Jaybarkerfan -- Until We Meet Again

As nearly everyone in the blogosphere has lamented, Wes -- a/k/a Jaybarkerfan or JBF -- has decided to hang up his keyboard. It sound like the real world got in the way of the blog world, and that is truly a shame.  

Certainly, it is a difficult task to write quality posts all the time. I know that the quality of my posts varies greatly depending on the amount of time I have to write, the amount of caffeine or alcohol in my system, and my general level of creativity. It's tough to try to be interesting all the time -- especially in writing about trade posts.

I could edit my posts to reduce the number of items that I show, but where's the fun in that?

All that said, I can understand completely when someone decides that they just want to step back from blogging and just be a lurker. It's a lot easier and a lot less time-consuming.

Nonetheless, Wes, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans stopped in with a song for you.

This was the second package in about a month that I received from JBF. This one was overflowing with cards and oddballs that I need for either my team collection, my player collections, or both.

I should make that scan my new header. Or my background.

On the other hand, those are five coins that only a member of the Sheffield/Gooden clan could love. If I had a dollar for every time in the 1980s that I heard that Gary Sheffield is Dwight Gooden's nephew, I could have paid for law school without taking out any student loans.

Thankfully, JBF was kind enough to send me the coins for two guys I really like

I'm not a football collector. Not in the least. But one of the first items to fall out of this envelope was a 4"x6" card from Prestige of a certain record-breaking SEC quarterback whose brother is a reality TV whor---star.

Aaron Murray was and is a Damn Good Dawg. I loved watching him dismantle defenses during his senior year at Georgia. It's a shame that he isn't a little bit taller -- he could have been a baller -- and that he didn't get drafted by a team that has a reasonably healthy starting quarterback.

At least he didn't get drafted by or end up playing for a team in the NFC North like Matthew Stafford and Jay Cutler -- previously the only quarterbacks whose college careers I cared about who are in the NFL.

Once I got by those oddballs, the cards started stacking up.

This is that 2010 Cards your Mom Threw out Version.
We need more mothers to throw out more of these
1989 Topps cards immediately.

Here's a nice little oddball addition to the Greg Vaughn collection. I have the 1991 Toys R Us Rookie, but I didn't have the 1990 version until now.

I get closer to having a Wily Peralta PC with each passing day.

I couldn't pick Chris Saenz out of a police lineup.

Add caption

This wonderful Mike Hegan card goes into the Brewers collection in the 1976 Topps team set. Hegan was a Brewers TV commentator for over a decade after he retired. He left Milwaukee and went to Cleveland in 1989, and he stayed there until 2010. Unfortunately, Hegan passed away on Christmas Day in 2013.

I talk about my PCs a lot on here, so I won't go too much over the top this time on each other than to point out that I needed nearly every one of these cards either for a PC or a team set.

I never saw one of these before October 2014. Now I have two.

Chrome, baby. Chrome.

This Home Run Club card is one of the best looking cards from the 1990s that I've come across outside of those 1993 Studio cards I was raving about the other day.

Die Cut Corey Hart. He's "X". It sounds like a new Kentucky alternative radio station. "Tune in now to Corey Hart's X-107."

Everyone has been great about sending me their Ryan Braun cards rather than throwing them out, lighting them on fire, or otherwise treating him as the cheater that he admits to being. Thanks for your consideration, guys and gals.

This Braun is a Chrome version of the Topps 206 card from 2010 that was inserted in one of the Topps Base-type sets...I think the Update. It's serial numbered as 162/999.

JBF, your writing presence on the Internet will be missed. Just don't be a stranger with your comments on all of our respective blogs. Or with your serial numbered Silver Autographs!

I just didn't know that you were born in Atlanta.

For some reason, I always liked the Fabulous Freebirds. Even if they were "heels."

Thanks again for your generosity, Wes. I hope that my Georgia Bulldogs and your Alabama Crimson Tide can meet in the SEC Championship game in an epic struggle to rival our game from a couple of years ago -- when Aaron Murray came THISCLOSE to winning that game in the final 5 seconds of the game.  I was there, and it was incredible.

This time, though, I want Georgia to win. Y'all have won plenty!


  1. Do you have his address>? I wanna drop a package on him.:)

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    1. I always knew I liked you, Mark. :-)

  3. What a great mix of cards. Wes is the man!

    Not a good week for our teams Tony :(

  4. Gary Sheffield looks really sweaty in that '89 reprint.

  5. Roll tide roll! Would love a chance to match up with the dogs. Badstreet in the whole usa