Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Reach Out and Trade with S.Mack Talk

I have been very bad in updating my "Trade Bait" list. Most of this can be attributed simply to time constraints -- I've been focused on getting my Brewers and Milwaukee Braves collections and my 40+ player collections catalogued and organized. That takes a ton of time, to be honest, so the trade bait lists have suffered.

And yet, Jimmy at S.Mack Talk still found a few cards on my trade list that he wanted. Jimmy hasn't updated his blog in a long time -- since the last time I sent some cards his way, in fact -- but he has been keeping his Want Lists updated. From what I can tell, he is trying to put together complete sets of the Target, Gold, and Red-Rain parallels for 2014. So, if you have some extras from those, look up Jimmy's 2014 Want List by clicking the link.

After all, you're likely to get something good in return like I did.

Such as, for example, a Ryan Braun Target Parallel (your return card may vary).

Or, a card that you need to finish off the Topps Series 1 set.

Or, a mini die-cut of one of your player collections set in that terrible 1989 set design that has plagued the hobby since its release 25 years ago.

Or, even, an orange refractor from 2014 Chrome from another of your player collections.

It's a good thing to trade with Jimmy -- so take a look at his lists!

Jimmy -- thanks for the trade!

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