Tuesday, November 18, 2014

You're Quite a Quiet Domino: Trade with Heartbreaking Cards

Let's start with the musical inspiration for the title of this trade post:

For everyone's sake, I did not post the full movie documentary about the making of Wilco's Yankee Hotel Foxtrot album from back in 2002 -- just the song. I appreciated, though, how the album cover for Yankee Hotel Foxtrot is Marina City from State Street in Downtown Chicago. I've been in downtown Chicago a bunch in the past eight or nine years thanks to various work-related trips. Nearly every time I'm there, I'm near the Chicago River and I see these buildings.

As a fellow displaced Wisconsinite who is a more recent transplant to the Peach State, Matt F. at the humbly named Heartbreaking Cards of Staggering Genius -- who, along with Dayf the Cardboard Junkie has started podcasting -- probably can appreciate the Midwestern references here. 

A few weeks ago, after promising to do so for a few months, my sorry, slow attempts at sending Matt some of those 1972 Mini inserts from the 2013 Topps set finally came to fruition. I still have a ton more to go through and send to Matt, but he was kind enough to send me some cards in return already.

Such as, for example, this autograph from Bowman Sterling of 2013 second round draft pick Tucker Neuhaus. Neuhaus was drafted out of Wharton High School in Tampa by the Brewers, and he has spent both of the past two seasons in Rookie Level baseball. He has struggled at the plate -- .232/.296/.328 -- in those seasons and frankly his glove is pretty questionable right now.  On the other hand, he is barely 19 years old. He has time to work out the kinks, and hopefully he will do that.

The other cards I received from Matt fit the title of this post. They are wonderful dominos from 1971:

While generally 1971 Topps cards get me pretty excited -- I love the white letters on the black, and the no-capital-letter look is pretty cool -- I have all of these Topps cards already in my Brewers 1970s binder.

Thing is, though, that these are O-Pee-Chee cards from 1971!

Hopefully y'all will click in on that scan of the backs of the cards to see the French and English in the middle of the much more legible yellow backs that O-Pee-Chee put on these cards -- as compared to that dark green that Topps used.  These cards are just excellent.

Matt, thank you very much for these cards. I need to head to that card show in Morrow some time soon -- hope to see you there!


  1. The 71 o pee chees are great. As you get to the last series they revert back to the Original Topps back .

  2. Neauhaus is definitely an intriguing long-term project.
    One semi-positive takeaway from his 2014 season was his .333 BABIP, which suggests he was a victim of bad luck a few times.
    He's still got the tools to turn into the elite third baseman who hits for power. And he was seen as a potential first rounder before injuries hurt his value prior to draft day so if he can reach anywhere near his ceiling the Brewers should be very happy.

  3. Glad you liked them! The '71 OPC backs are my favorite backs ever!

  4. I only recently picked up a Baldwin of my own. Something about that picture...