Thursday, October 30, 2014

Hamlet Visits

I know. It's not original to borrow from Hamlet to ask questions about making choices. And yet, it's often the most concise way of posing the question:

"To be, or not to be?"

Hamlet had deeper issues -- I mean, he was contemplating whether he should take his own life -- but the economy of words there is poignant.

So, why is Hamlet on my mind?

Because Commishbob sent me a 2011 Allen & Ginter Rip Card of Yovani Gallardo that has not yet been ripped.

As this card sat on my desk in my office where I do most of my card-collecting activities, I was of two minds. Of course, I could rip open the card -- carefully -- and probably keep the rest of the card intact and still include it in my collection. Then, I could probably either sell the card that came inside, send it back to Bob as a thank you, or maybe I'd really get lucky and get a special card inside of a Brewer, as unlikely as that might be.

On at least three or four occasions, I thought about ripping it open.

I even looked at Duane's blog, Democratic Roadkill, to see how he had tried to be as careful as possible in ripping open the rip cards he had received.

And then, I put the card into the Yovani Gallardo collection -- unripped -- and walked away.

But the question remains:

"To rip, or not to rip?"


And before I progress any further, thank you very much, Bob, for this great dilemma!


  1. You have to rip it! I could understand not ripping if it was a low numbered Yount or Molitor, but Gallardo needs torn up. Peer Pressure!!!!

  2. Blogger is killing me.... I'm going to try to comment again. Grrrr

    I had no idea what to do with it either. It was part of my first Gint-A-Cuffs score and then I forgot about it. I didn't know who he was but when I saw his name on your blog I remembered the card.

    If there is a Babe Ruth DNA relic inside I'll take a percentage. ;-)