Monday, October 6, 2014

Cleaning out Davy Jones's Locker

Being such a generous guy with trading, Matt over at Bob Walk the Plank must have heard nearly every reference to Pirates, ships, planks, and nautical terms generally from bloggers who been the beneficiaries of his largesse. For my part, I've tended to avoid those types of post titles, usually going with the mundane "Mailday from Bob Walk the Plank." That's my creative side, you know.

This time, though, I went with the sailor's "bottom of the sea" reference to drowned Pirates for two reasons. First, Matt included a note in this package to me that said that this was "cleaning out" some trade bait:

The other reason is that Davy Jones was an original Milwaukee Brewer. Just as Bud Selig moved the Seattle Pilots out of Seattle after one season in existence, so too was Milwaukee's first major league team moved to another city -- St. Louis -- after just one season. The Brewers became the Browns. The Browns became the Baltimore Orioles around the time that Milwaukee got the Braves from Boston. Milwaukee baseball history: losing and stealing teams since 1901.

Now, Matt was not crazy enough to include that particular card in the package (that card shows Davy Jones on the Tigers anyway).  But, he did include some more of his usual top-end cards, relics, and autographs:

Lots of great cards there:  

My first Lyle Overbay relic and my first Overbay autograph. 

A great Rickie Weeks card before he started emulating the mid-2000s Packers defensive backfield with having long dreadlocks.

Mike Walker, a 26-year-old who hit .223/.318/.367 in Double-A this year.

A couple of great Geoff Jenkins cards that I had never seen before.

And, a big orange star for Carlos Lee.

Matt, as always, thank you. I greatly appreciate it. I should have some more cards for you soon!


  1. I can get behind any post that mentions Lyle Overbay. Great package from Matt!

    1. That's "OOOOOOooooooooverbay" to you. ;-)

  2. I need to find some newer Brewer cards. I haven't pulled any in a long time.

    1. You've sent them all to me, I think!