Sunday, June 29, 2014

Trade Post: $30 a Week Habit

About two weeks ago, Robért from $30 a Week Habit ripped through a hanger box of Topps Series 2 and found a Gold Parallel Sean Halton.  While I've set some limitations on how far into the parallels I am going to go with my team set collecting, I decided that the Gold Parallels are numerous enough to chase in a cost-effective manner.  

One cost-effective way to chase these was to see if Robért would send me the Halton.  He was kind enough to do that.  

When I got the envelope, though, it was a bubble mailer.  The first thing to pop out was this note:

Pad the envelope? What you sent, Robért, was more akin to making the Halton padding! Here's what I saw next:

Every one of the cards was serial numbered, and each one had a lower population number than the Halton did.  

Now, certainly, the Carlos Gomez was just 3 fewer, but that one works well because Gomez is a guy I include in my player collections and, further, is a player who is once again tearing up the National League at the plate and sometimes when sliding into base (right, Ian Desmond?).  My only worry with Gomez is that his outbursts and his acting out is becoming so frequent that I fear he might end up going down the Luis Suarez path:

Maybe he won't bite anyone, but Carlos does need to simmer down just a little bit.  He's becoming a magnet for controversy.  It makes it too easy for a team to get rid of a player like that when the performance isn't among the best in the league.  So for his career's sake, he should tone it down.

Thank you, Robért, for the excellent cards.  I promise that you're getting some Blue Jay beauty soon from Atlanta, and it will not include an upside-down Canadian Flag.


  1. Are you looking for anything in particular..? i send cards to Robert from the $30 a week blog post occasionally since i know he favors the Blue Jays.. Im always happy to unload stuff i dont want in way of trade, or just plain sending out stuff randomly.. Let me know.. happy Independence Day in advance..

    1. Jeremy -- thanks for reading this post. I am always looking for Milwaukee Brewers cards that I don't have. It's more likely that I don't have them if the cards come from the period between 1994 and 2006 or from 2011. Please shoot me an e-mail at off dot hiatus dot baseball at gmail dot com if you have questions about specific cards. And, let me know what you collect too.

      Thanks again for reading.

  2. Tony, thanks for the post, and the cards (they arrived today). Love the Suarez-Man game screen!!

    Love that you added the accent on the e in my name, there's a long story behind why I do that. Maybe one day I'll relay that on the blog...

    1. I figured if you put the accent on the e in your name, that must mean that using the accent is the correct way to spell it! :-)

      So, is your real name "Ro-bear"?