Monday, June 9, 2014

Memorabilia Monday: U.S. Cellular "Commemorating Greatness" & Braves Game, Anyone?

Let me start with the second item first:

I am in a group of guys who share four upper deck box seat season tickets for the Atlanta Braves; these tickets also have 755 Club Access.  The Braves changed their game time for this Sunday's game with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim from a 1:30 game -- which I would have enjoyed -- to an 8 o'clock start for ESPN's cameras.  That time change puts the game at a time at which my wife and I really are not interested in going despite the fact that (a) it should be a good game and (b) the Braves are having Jay Howell, Vic Correll, Wes Helms, and John Smoltz signing autographs before the game.

I have the tickets as PDFs, so if you are in the Atlanta area and would like the tickets, please send me an e-mail -- DO NOT COMMENT...E-MAIL ME -- and I will send you the ticket PDFs.

Now, Memorabilia Monday:

Back in about 2000, the Brewers teamed up with U.S. Cellular for a stadium giveaway of five cards that are slightly larger than a postcard of the five players whose numbers have been retired by the Brewers.  The five cards given out as a strip with perforations between the cards to allow the cards to be detached.  Across the top of the cards, the words "Commemorating Greatness" are spelled out.

The five players are Jackie Robinson (with a normal size baseball card next to Jackie to show how large these cards are):

Paul Molitor:

Rollie Fingers:

Hank Aaron:

And, of course, Robin Yount:

The backs of these cards give a biographical snapshot of each player, including their years with the Brewers (or, for Robinson, with the Brooklyn Dodgers), the date on which their number was retired, and, the date on which the player was elected to the Hall of Fame (other than for Molitor, who was not yet eligible).

Here's the back of Yount's card to give you a feel for it:

Despite the sea green/aquamarine background on the fronts of the cards screaming "a person of the 1990s designed this card!!!", these are really sharp looking cards.  They appealed to me so much that I ended up buying a second, unperforated set on eBay just to keep.

Thanks for reading this quick Memorabilia Monday post, and let me know if you are interested in the Braves tickets.

Thanks again.


  1. Those are pretty neat. How are you protecting them?

    1. Well, right now, the Yount one is in an 8.5x11 sheet in a notebook with other oddly sized items. I'm still trying to figure out what will work.