Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Jinxo Generosity

While I was on vacation over the Memorial Day Weekend, I received a comment on a post from Jinxo56 which asked me to send him an e-mail with my address so that he could send me some Brewers cards. I did that, and I am extremely happy that I did.

Jinxo is the proprietor of the blog called "Wanted:Baseball Cards."  The blog is simple to understand: Jinxo lists the cards he needs from various sets and updates those posts as he gets more cards.  If the card is still listed on the blog, then he needs it.

Based on the outpouring of Brewers that arrived, I am going to be spending a lot of time going through his site to find cards to send his way.  I mean, just look:

And those are just the cards that go into my various Brewer Player collections!  There are probably another 150 to 200 more cards of Brewers that will help with the gaping hole in my collection that is the timeframe from 1993 to 2006.  Just incredible.

I did want to highlight a few more cards though.

On this sheet of 6 cards, we have a few "wait, he played with Milwaukee" cards in Rick Dempsey, Willie Randolph, and Scott Fletcher.  We have a spring training Dante Bichette wearing number 70.  We have former #1 pick (#4 overall in 1994)-- Antone Williamson (who was a bust of nearly Mandarichian proportions) -- looking like he is trying out for the Milwaukee Brewers staff softball team.

And, then, we have Ken Felder.  Felder was another 1st round pick for Milwaukee -- #12 overall in 1992 -- who was even more of a bust than Williamson was. Felder was signed out of Florida State University and given a $450,000 signing bonus which required him to give up playing college football.  He was a junior quarterback being coached by current Georgia head coach Mark Richt, and he was competing for a job with some guy named Charlie Ward, who later won the Heisman Trophy before turning pro in basketball.

The story I linked to also mentions that Felder was the second quarterback that FSU lost to baseball, since the Toronto Blue Jays had signed Chris Weinke away before Weinke started playing at FSU.  Weinke, of course, was the next FSU Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback when he returned to football after crashing out of the minors.  Finally, Felder leaving opened the door to having then-true freshman Dan Kanell play right away.

Wow, that was a loaded FSU quarterback depth chart at the time.  Felder just got it backwards -- he should have played baseball first and then come back.

Kind of like this next guy did.

Recognize this guy?  If your wife is watching the current season of the Bachelorette -- with Fulton County (Georgia) Assistant District Attorney Andi Dorfman -- you might know him better as "Josh M."  Those of us who are University of Georgia football fans know that Josh took the Chris Weinke route to college football, as he played strong safety at UGA.  Oh, and football fans might have heard of Josh's little brother -- a quarterback from UGA named Aaron, who will be playing pro football with Kansas City this coming fall.

My wife is a big fan of the Bachelorette show.  Last night, when I came across this card, I had no idea that Murray had played in the Brewers system.  I was very, very excited when I saw it -- because of the whole UGA tie -- and rushed upstairs to show my wife the card.  As I got to the den, "Josh M." was on screen talking about the basketball game that the guys had just played.  It was perhaps the weirdest overlap between baseball cards and reality TV...just purely strange.

For what it's worth, a bunch of the bloggers who care about the Bachelorette seem to think Josh could win. After all, he lives in Atlanta already, Andi Dorfman's father is a big UGA fan, and apparently Andi seems pretty smitten with Josh already.

Well, I suppose if the University of Georgia School of Law can produce Real Housewife of Atlanta Phaedra Parks (full disclosure: Phaedra and I graduated from UGA Law together), I think it will survive if Josh Murray "wins" the Bachelorette's heart.

Back to the real point here though:

Everyone, please go to Jinxo's website and fill up his mailbox with the cards he needs.  His generosity will be rewarded by me as best I can, but everyone -- please -- help me out!  I'll never catch up fully, so I need your help.

And Jinxo, thank you very much!  Your generosity is incredible, and it is much appreciated.

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  1. Nice selection of cards...and "Ugh" on the reality shows. My wife watches all of them...yes, all of them.