Friday, June 27, 2014

Mail Day from Bob Walk the Plank

Matt from Bob Walk the Plank recently hit the DL.  The staff here at Off Hiatus -- which is comprised of me and the two cats which visit me from time to time while I'm typing or organizing my cards -- wish Matt all the best for a swift recovery.

Before Matt made his visit to Dr. Andrews in Birmingham for his Tommy John surgery (because we all know that's what *really* is going on), he was kind enough to send an envelope southward from West Virginia to me here in Atlanta.  While I think it contained only three cards, those three cards were 100% awesome (and Matt, if I forgot a card or two, please let me know!)

The first card that greeted me when I opened the package was one that looked sort of familiar and sort of not familiar:

In one of my COMC Yount-buying sprees, I picked up an Upper Deck All-Star FanFest card of Yount.  So, I thought, well, okay, at least I've got one for my Brewers binder.  Then I looked at the one I already have and realized that Matt had sent me the "gold hologram" variation.  And I though then, "how awesome is that!"

See, I complain about all the parallels and inserts these days...but those inserts and parallels have been around for a while.

The next card out of the envelope was a first for me, I think:

That "first" would be what I believe to be my first relic for Geoff Jenkins.  It's a nice, white swatch of fabric in that D. I'm hoping that means it is from his baseball pants and not something, um, that we don't see him wearing in that photo.

Finally, Matt sent me a great pitcher piece:

I especially like that Big Ben Sheets signed this sticker with his uniform number.  My only complaint is that if Donruss wanted to insert a batting glove for Sheets, then they should have pictured him with a bat in his hand.  

Matt, thanks again for your generosity, and get to feeling better soon.

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  1. I should start entire collection of hitting-related game-used items for pitchers. The batting glove/pitcher combo is a quirky pairing.