Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Card Show Contests: Congrats to Matt Stupienski & Fuji!

As you may recall, two weeks ago I put up back-to-back contests.  The first contest was for a $10 shopping spree at my local card show (by proxy, of course). To enter, people had to talk about their favorite card show purchase/find.  The second contest was for those folks who had not been to a card show to comment as to what they'd want to purchase.

Well, it turns out that most of us have been to card shows.  In fact, only one person who commented on the second contest post had ever not been to a card show -- and that person, who gets his own $10 shopping spree, is Matt Stupienski of Bubba's Bangin' Batch of Baseball Bits.

Matt -- please drop me an email with your new address and let me know if there is something specific you'd like for me to search for here in Atlanta.  To give you an idea of what I can usually find, here's a list of vendors from the last show at this link.

The other winner came through

List Randomizer

There were 28 items in your list. Here they are in random order:
  1. Fuji
  2. Sports Card Collectors
  3. Matthew Scott
  4. Brad's Blog
  5. Night Owl
  6. Bo Rosny
  7. Mark Hoyle
  8. Jon @ Penny Sleeve Thoughts
  9. Dimebox Nick
  10. Angus (Dawg Day)
  11. Jeff Jones
  12. JediJeff
  13. The Chop Keeper
  14. P-Town Tom
  15. Brian (Highly Subjective)
  16. Defgav
  17. Adam Kanigher
  18. Need More Cardboard
  19. Nachos Grande
  20. Billy Kingsley
  21. Garvey Cey Russell Lopes
  22. The Lost Collector
  23. ARPSmith
  24. Spastik Mooss
  25. Lonestarr (Twitch Collects Cards)
  26. John Hazen
  27. Julie Owens (A Cracked Bat)
  28. Commishbob
Timestamp: 2015-11-01 19:58:52 UTC, IP:
You have randomized this list 19 times.

I randomized the list 19 times because, well, that's Robin Yount's now-retired number. Congratulations and another $10 spree go out to Fuji of The Chronicles of Fuji.  The great thing was that Fuji's post was definitely one of my favorites posts -- and it highlighted a few awesome cards and items, such as a $10 1981 Donruss set, a $48 1982 Topps Wax box, and a 1956 Topps Jackie Robinson card. 

Fuji, please check out this link as well to give me an idea of what you'd like for me to look for!

In many respects, I blew it with my answer for my favorite/best card show find.  While I definitely love the oddball Hank Aaron disc, I totally should have picked one of these two cards:

Both of these cards are in stellar condition and together cost a total of $50 from the same seller.  That Johnston Cookies Warren Spahn is one of my favorite oddballs ever, and I totally blew it when I didn't put that in over the Hank Aaron disc.

Finally, since I don't want all the great posts that were linked for the contest to go unread or missed, here are the links with a short description for each:

1.  Defgav's purchase of a Mike Schmidt Rookie Card to complete his 1973 Topps Set
2.  Andrew's best ever pack pull: a 3/5 Ken Griffey Jr. bat/patch/glove auto relic from 2014 Panini Classics
3.  The Sports Card Collectors Blog's $1 1997 Leaf Signature 8x10 autographs
4.  Dimebox Nick's purchase of a 1972 Roberto Clemente for just $5 in 2012
5.  New Blogger Jon from "A Penny Sleeve for your Thoughts" picked up a ton of great vintage at a show in Nashville
6.  Adam's great purchase of some 1955 Bowmans last September
7.  Bo at Baseball Cards Come to Life! bought an entire dime box filled with some great cards in May
8.  Commishbob's finding his first "White Whale" at a card show: the Orioles 1967 Rookies
9.  The Chop Keeper's reminiscing about his first ever card show in 1991
10.  Jim from Garvey Cey Russell Lopes and his great 1955 Topps Sandy Koufax card
11.  Brian from Highly Subjective & Completely Arbitrary couldn't pick just one card
12.  Night Owl found a 1953 Topps Pee Wee Reese in a discount box
13. P-Town Tom picked up a 1966 Topps Roberto Clemente with a lucky dice roll
14. Angus from Dawg Day Cards wanted and got a 1986 Topps Bernie Kosar
15.  Julie from A Cracked Bat talked about her favorite card show seller and Yogi Berra
16. JediJeff from 2x3 Heroes wrote about one of the coolest miscuts ever (and a couple others too!)

Thank you to everyone who entered, and congratulations to the winners!


  1. Thanks for putting the collection of links together. They should provide enough reading material to help get me through the week. :)

  2. Congratulations to Fuji on the win! This really was a great idea for a contest.

  3. Just like Tom said... thanks for that great list of links. I haven't been online much this past week or so and I definitely want to check out everyone's posts.

    As for the contest... thank you Tony. 19 is one of my favorite #'s too, because of Mr. Gwynn. In fact... in terms of my prize... I'd love a new Gwynn for my collection. If not... a Greg Maddux, Steve Carlton, Frank Thomas, Steve Largent, Brett Favre, or a Aaron Rodgers card would be cool too. Honestly... anything is appreciated.

    By the way... I just packaged a bunch of Brewers. Seriously... I know I'm a few months late... but I just spent my Sunday afternoon putting together 17 blogger packages and your name was on a padded envelope. I'm hoping to ship it out by Thursday.

    Thanks again for the contest buddy!

  4. Congrats to Fuji. These were fun to ready.

  5. Fun contest. Thanks. Congrats Fuji

  6. Thanks Tony! I enjoyed the opportunity to share my story. Great fun!