Sunday, November 29, 2015

Card Show Goodies: Cheap and Shiny? Yes, Please!

Last week Sunday, in preparation for a week of dealing with family coming to town, I treated myself to a trip to a card show. It's one of the normal monthly shows here promoted by Frank Moiger, but I went to the East Cobb version instead of the North Fulton version.  None of that means much of anything to you, probably, but it meant a little different group of vendors for me.  

I focused on cheap for me this time around. I did pay a little more for some on-card prospect autographs...but, you know, that happens sometimes.  In fact, let's see those autographs:

Yes, another Damien Magnifico -- just days after my first one.  This one is a die-cut Magnifico, serial numbered to 100.  All of these were $3 a piece or 4 for $10.  I got a few other cards from the same guy out of some quarter boxes too; these cards included, incredibly enough, these:

I think I grabbed nearly every Brewer in the box -- mainly because I needed them, of course. But to find purple refractors, Museum Collection, a 2005 Fleer National Pastime card of Robin Yount serial numbered to 650, and even the base and gold parallels of Ryan Braun's Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects rookie card (and the 2010 Bowman Refractor) for a quarter each was just an awesome find for me.  

And now, even more shininess...

Le Disko by the band Shiny Toy Guns gets to introduce the shiny Prizms and refractors that were sold at 6 for $1 (and obviously, I cherry picked from this selection for five of the prettiest:

I'm not a huge Panini Prizm fan, if only because Prizm has so many damn parallels to track. Also, the base silver cards are, frankly, ugly. I'd prefer that Prizm make the red or the green their base cards and shelve those stupid silver ones.  I have yet to see a base Prizm card that I looked at and said, "That's a cool card." On the other hand, the Gallardo, Aoki, and Weeks cards above are cool cards due to the shiny colors.  

The 2010 Gallardo refractor and the 2014 Segura Orange Refractor are your typical Topps Chrome cards, I suppose.  I'm not a huge fan of the orange refractor mainly because I just don't like the color orange and it does not look good for the Brewers either.  Maybe for the Mets or Marlins, but not for Milwaukee.

Okay, last group of cards.  

We'll go "vintage" REM for these.

Yes, it's all about the vintage.  These 6 cards cost me a total of $30. Obviously the Mathews 1962 is the top of that chart, and the Spahn win leaders was next. It's always good to see the seller who has these cards, as he is a longtime promoter and seller in the Atlanta market. He has a great network to find good cards, and these are ones I'm glad he found.

Two more new packages came in the mail yesterday for me, so this week should be a good one for blogging if I can find the time. Thanks for reading.


  1. Man, after seeing that haul I need to hit a good card show. So jealous.

  2. I cannot figure out exactly why, but I have always been a collector of Chris Capuano. It always makes me happy to see cards of fairly obscure guys like him pop up on the blogs.

  3. That Khris Davis is cool and Damine Magnifico sounds like a professional wrestler. I often pick up Elite Extra Buccos when I get the chance. It was the cheapest way to pick up autos of guys like Gerrit Cole and Jameson Taillon for the longest time.

    Good haul at the show! Maybe I need to start my Atlanta card show fund.....

  4. Those are some great finds. Chrome for a quarter is a good thing.

  5. I can imagine the seller was as excited you were buying all his Brewer cards as you were to buy them, maybe a little more. Although I would imagine the Braves cards, even though they are Milwaukee Braves, are a premium in Atlanta. But some damn nice pick ups.

  6. I would worry a bit if my sister brought Dan Osinski home for Thanksgiving.

  7. Great pickups. The 60's leader cards are a great way to grab some HOF players on the cheap