Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Where was I? Yes, the Card Show...

I had intended yesterday to write about the card show I attended in anticipation of #WarWithJBF, and a post about Harvey Kuenn broke out.  Seriously, I had three or four paragraphs of a normal "here's the great vintage stuff I got" post, then started writing about Harvey Kuenn, then realized that those two awesome cards of Harvey were the perfect reason to bring up my recently added PC for him.

So, let's get back to the vintage, shall we?

I was distracted yesterday also by the fact that NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers was on Celebrity Jeopardy! yesterday and beat an astronaut and a star of Shark Tank like rented mules.  In honor of Mr. Rodgers's neighborhood, let's phrase this post with answers and questions.

The Sweater makes the Mr. Rodgers's Neighborhood Joke almost acceptable.
Let's start with "Braves PCs":

This player is the only Brave to play for the team in Boston, Milwaukee, and Atlanta

Yes, of course the correct response is "Who is Eddie Mathews?"  While that 1960 Mathews has some paper loss on it, I think I paid about $0.75 for it.  So, it's a good placeholder until I get up the money to upgrade.  Some of these were duplicates for me, and for others, I was able to get a couple at the same time -- so I could load up the envelope for Hazel Green.

On to the next question:

This Brave, Met, and Giant is currently the winningest left-handed pitcher in baseball history

Yes, another easy one.  The correct response is "Who is Warren Spahn?"  Spahn tied Ernie Broglio of the St. Louis Cardinals in 1960 with 21 wins.  Vern Law won the Cy Young award, though, and Broglio probably had the best year of the three of them according to WAR (7.2 for Ernie, 4.2 for Law, 2.7 for Spahn).  Then again, Spahn was 39 years old at the time and would win another 62 games over the next three seasons before hitting the wall in 1964.

In the 1957 World Series, this pitcher tied the record for most wins in a World Series with 3

Another easy one: Who is Lew Burdette?  Thirteen pitchers have won three games in a single World Series.  Since 1945, that group includes Harry Brecheen (1946), Burdette, Bob Gibson (1967), Mickey Lolich (1968), and Randy Johnson (2001).  

The All-Time record for World Series wins is still 10, by Whitey Ford.  

One of three men to hit a home run into the center field bleachers at the Polo Grounds, he homered four times in a single game on July 31, 1954 against the Dodgers. His other at bat was a double off the top of the wall. Just missed it!

That one was a little tougher unless you know my PCs as well as I do: Who is Joe Adcock? Adcock held the major league record for most total bases in a single game -- 18 -- until the pathetic 2002 Milwaukee Brewers (final record: 56-106) allowed Shawn Green of the Los Angeles Dodgers (note the symmetry) to rack up 19 total bases with a 6-for-6, four homer performance on May 23, 2002.  

Thanks, Glendon Rusch, Brian Mallette (x2), and Jose Cabrera.

So as not to bore everyone with Milwaukee Braves Jeopardy and to get this posted before I drive all of you nuts or, worse, away, let's just look at the rest of the cards.

First the highlights:

My First 1954 Topps Card

Just over halfway done with 1954 Bowman. Too bad Aaron and Mathews are left

Johnny Logan: I feel like my Grandfather thought he was the best player on the team

Yes, this too was just around $0.75 to take home with me.

The joy of a completed team set for the Milwaukee Braves!  Yes, it is only a four-card team set, but with the Mathews above and these three, I am able to cross the 1965 Topps Embossed set off my list.  As an aside, if someone needs some of these Embossed cards, the guy at my show has a nearly complete set for sale reasonably inexpensively on a per-card basis.

That is hardly all.  Here's a scan dump for you:

1955 Bowman

1959 Topps

Juan is a little off center...
1960 Leaf

1960 Topps

1961 Topps

Not related to Aaron Rodgers that I know of

1962 Topps
The "Green Tint" Variation, on the Right

1963 Topps

1964 Topps

AND, finally, 1965 Topps

All in all, I think that was a very fruitful show for my Braves collection.  I'm getting to the point where I have exhausted my supply at this show, though.  So, I'll probably have to make a road trip up to one of the Charlotte area shows later this year so as to get a different group of vendors with different cards.

But really, can anyone complain about these?  And, to be fair, again, these were reasonably priced.  I'm telling you guys -- if you want cheap prices, come to one of the three monthly shows in Atlanta.  


  1. Road tripping for some cheap '64s

  2. Now THAT is a card show. Paper loss or no paper loss, a '60 Eddie Matthews for 75 cents is one heck of a steal.

  3. I just picked up my first of those Embossed cards and it just so happened to be the Joe Torre. If I make some more progress on my Topps Game set, I might dive into the Embossed set.

  4. Them's some nice cards ya got there. I understand you feeling as if you have exhausted that show- I'm at that same point with our one local quarterly show. There's nothing worse than seeing the same old, same old when you're not interested in it...

  5. I'd love to exhaust a show. There has to be more than 2 a year in my area to do that though.

  6. Hopefully the vendors restock for you. You did very well this time around. Man, that is some great vintage.

    What is Joe Adcock looking at?

  7. Nice pickups. Those are a really goo set.

  8. Hope you're resting well. 1 of 6 is now marching to Atlanta. #sixmonsters

  9. Sweet purchases! Cheap vintage purchases always equates to great blog posts.

  10. I'm gonna be in town next week you gotta let me in on where this show is. Serious vintage haul here