Monday, May 18, 2015

2015 Topps Oversized 1952 Topps Team Sets

I have tended to be critical of Topps and its online exclusives, especially in terms of those online exclusives that have not included all teams equally or fairly.  This year, Topps has at least one product that really appealed to me, at least a little bit -- the 2015 MLB Collection 1952 Tribute Oversized cards. 

The first thing that is appealing about these is their price point.  Rather than being $50 for a single cardboard poster, these are almost reasonably priced -- either 9 cards, serial numbered to 99, for $20, or 10 cards, serial numbered to 49, for $30 (plus shipping). I decided to treat myself to the Brewers "Gold" set to pick up the 10 card set.

My main impetus to getting the Gold set is right on Topps's sale page for the sets:

The "Bonus Legend Card" which is of course of Robin Yount.  So, I plunked the $30 down.  

In hand, these cards are very attractive.  Unlike some of last year's wall-art efforts such as the "For Mayor" series, which featured oversized posters printed on old-school cardboard, these oversized cards are printed on white card stock with a glossy photo side and a matte finish on the reverse side.

Here's the Ryan Braun -- both sides:

Yeah, the backs are pretty much yawners, and numbering the card as if someone will collect a complete set is pretty ridiculous, but at least we get a nice big Brewers logo.

The Robin Yount is a familiar pose though I can't seem to find a card that features it before. I'm sure the Cynical Buddha can help me out here:

The only real complaint I have is the recycling photos laziness that we have come to expect from Topps.  For example, here is Carlos Gomez's card from this set:

For comparison, here's Gomez's card from 2014 Topps Archives, his 2014 Topps Allen & Ginter, and his 2014 Topps Fan Fest All-Star game oversized cards:

For someone who often works off a visual memory of a players' cards when trying to work quickly through boxes and boxes of cards at card shows, this is incredibly annoying.  Throw in the $3-per-card cost for this special issue set, and it is even more annoying.  

But at least Topps didn't do that for any other players' cards, did they?

Well....I wish I could say that was true, but it does not look to be...

At least Jean Segura's card looks different from what's been released so far for him:

As you probably can make out, my set was numbered 10 of 49.  So, 9 other people have purchased this set so far, I'm guessing.  

These are a pretty cool set.  Don't get me wrong.  In fact, I'm very happy I bought it. I just wish -- just once -- that my immediate reaction wasn't "hey, that's the same photo for Gomez as on that All-Star card from last year" or, rather, "Okay, I know I saw that photo many times has it been used already?"

I mean, if people are paying something of a premium already to get these cards, don't they deserve a new photo?  

Now, back to fighting JBF's Monster #1!  


  1. Wow, that is super-annoying, but sadly typical of Topps. So lazy it hurts. And the fact that they obviously don't care what we think about them using the same photo over and over speaks volumes. But they've got us by the all-bays, so what can you do?

  2. I never know what to do with oversized cards in the first place, so I'll ignore these.

  3. While Topps has created a few interesting 'wall art' pieces, I wish they'd just spend their resources on improving their flagship product. Oh, I don't know- something like fresh photos, new blood to their creative department (especially regarding inserts). Most of the prices are outrageous. I'd rather spend $50 on a vintage Hank Aaron, but to each his own.

  4. I was disappointed to find out that Topps didn't create a Padres set... but oh well. I might grab the A's set... but I'm waiting for it to go on sale.

  5. Nice looking set. Now get ready for the onslaught of emails from Topps promoting the next thing they want you to buy from them

  6. The Topps oversized cards do look nice signed and framed. Saw someone get a Wainwright card signed at Cardinals Winter Warm Up, looked very sharp

  7. Can I ask how much shipping was? I was very tempted to pick up this set as well simply for the Yount. I know that that image was used for his 1984 All Star rack pack insert and I'm sure they've used it else where. Would you do me another favor could you post or send me a scan of the back of Robin's card. I'd love to add it to the post I did for the set on the Yount Collector even if it's lame. It is nice to see the old foil numbering though.

    1. Ah finally remembered Yount's image was also used on one of his 2002 T206 cards.

    2. Oh wait maybe not, same pose different pic.