Sunday, May 10, 2015

#WarWithJBF: Here Come the PWEs

In my first post about Jaybarkerfan's assault on the postal workers in North Atlanta, I noted that I thought I would win the first battle.  But, as I also said, "the first shots never determine the final outcome."  After all, no one is exactly sure who fired the first shot of the American Revolution at the Battle of Lexington, and the Confederates, under the leadership of General Pierre Gustave Toutant-Beauregard, first the first shot at Fort Sumter.

Is that a plain white envelope I see on the horizon, sir?
If General Beauregard asked that question, his view west to Alabama from the outskirts of Atlanta would have been filled with mail trucks.  You see, the onslaught of PWEs has begun. The first one I received carried some notes to warn me of what is coming:

As best I can tell, I think I am around day four of the PWEs.  On the first day, just one PWE showed up.  It contained these notes accompanied by four cards:

I already have the top three cards, which is why they are small, but I did not have the Upper Deck Game Jersey of Ryan Braun.  That's a great new edition.

The next day (Thursday), nothing arrived from the Hazel Green Roll Tide Church. On Friday, two envelopes arrived.  One of them, unfortunately, had been slashed open by some intrepid felon within the United States Postal Service.  The other one, though, had another great relic card:

Corey Hart's contribution to the 2012 Topps Golden Moments Game-Used Memorabilia Insert set arrived -- and it too was a new addition to a player collection.  

Then yesterday arrived.  Before yesterday, I was under the impression that JBF had sent out a PWE a day. Now, I know that is not the case.  

My wife has been following these proceedings closely -- after the warnings from Bob Walk the Plank were passed along to me, I thought it wise to give my wife a heads up to avoid moving any heavy boxes.  I filled her in when those notes above came. When she brought in the mail yesterday, all she said to me was, "I guess that guy wasn't kidding."

Yes, yesterday, SEVEN PWEs showed up.  It's starting to add up now...and my thoughts are that I may see another 11 PWEs before this is over -- and before the 6 "Monsters" arrive.  I am not afraid of monsters, though.  Not yet, at least!

So what did these PWEs have?








Yes, that's a relic in every envelope.  Every. Single. One.  

The cool thing is that about half of the "filler" cards are ones I needed for my player collections and/or for the Brewers team binders.  

You might be able to tell from my write up here that my trepidation is increasing.  I mean, as much as you can see from the photos that Bob Walk the Plank posted -- and as many of you have found out personally -- one cannot appreciate the sheer volume of cards that Wes sends out.

Now, I have some great stuff for him already -- some of which has arrived in Alabama but most of which is yet to come.  Don't get me wrong.  

But this this where we are heading?

We'll see.


  1. I think I would've peed myself a little had I received that fourth note. Thank God I live overseas under shelter, safe from the madness

  2. JBF's notes crack me up. I kept all the ones he sent me. I would be afraid of monsters...

  3. Oh, man. This is going to be a blast watching you nutsO's going at it. Good luck!