Monday, May 11, 2015

More from Wisconsin: Trade Bait

Before the cardboard border war between Alabama and Georgia began, I had a couple of posts about some great items that my mom shipped to me from my youth.  To finish off those boxes will take a pretty long post for a good reason.  And, since I wrote this over the weekend, I don't feel bad about posting it mid-Monday morning either...

When I got back into collecting and decided to go after Robin Yount as a player collection, I started seeing his name popping up in the list of inserts from the old Krause Publications -- Baseball Cards Magazine and Sports Collectors Digest.  I remembered seeing a couple of those back in the day, but I really didn't think I had any of them.  I started scouring eBay auctions to try to find those cards and picked up one or two of them.

Last Thanksgiving, part of my day at my mom's house was working with my younger brother to go through the stacks and stacks of old magazines from the 1980s that I had kept from them.  I thought there were only a bunch of old Sports Illustrateds.  Instead, there was a foot-high stack of those old Krause magazines from between 1988 and 1991.  I know I didn't buy those -- my mom or brother must have.

Inside were all those cards.  Tons of them:

Krause reprinted reprinting a couple of 1965 Topps cards -- Pete Rose and Steve Carlton.  The card backs are emblazoned with REPRINT in about 72-point font that replaces Rose's name and the cartoon at the top of the card and replaced Fritz Ackley entirely on the Carlton.

Those were two of many random cards I found in those magazines.

I wish the Mantle insert were in better shape.  It's pretty wrinkled up.

So is this one:

This next one, though, it in pretty good shape:

Now, these were great.  I'm not sure why I kept these other than, "OMG, they have players on them!" But I did.

The 1989-1990 magazines, though...I tore those babies up.  Sorry if you wanted those.  But I have all the cards out of them, and I intend to cut most of them up and ship them out in trades to people.

Here's the one that is not getting cut up -- because it's going in my Yount collection:

It sort of reminds me of those Heritage box toppers that Topps puts in those hobby boxes.

By the way, who in the hell is Cameron Drew?

Anyway, the rest of these are getting carved up.  Nick has a few of these coming his way already, and Julie from A Cracked Bat has claimed an Alan Trammell and a Mark Grace, I think, but speak up if you see one or more that you want -- all of them other than Brewers are up for grabs.

For the Jose Canseco MUST have an Ozzie...

That is an awfully nice Grissom/Walker card!

This was their "Catchers" edition.  

The Abbott is a bit scuffed up and came that way in the magazine I had.  Sorry to you Abbott collectors.

And there are a couple of loose cards too:

A note about my trimming: As you can see on the top of the Drabek card above, I am not always able to cut the cards 100% straight.  That's why I cut and leave a bunch of extra white around the black-line border.  That border is the standard card measurement of 2.5"x 3.5", so I leave it to you to trim the cards down to the standard size.

Plus, I also recall reading that when PSA grades the old Hostess cards, they look for perfect trimming that leaves the dotted line all the way around the card.  So, for everyone who is concerned with condition, that's why all these cards have the black borders around them.

So, if you want one or more of the cards above, please comment below and then E-MAIL ME YOUR ADDRESS.  Even if you are pretty sure I have your address, please e-mail it anyway.  It will make my life easier and get you your cards a little more quickly.  Also, when you e-mail your mailing address to me, you should let me know what team's 1989 Topps cards I should use as buffer for the mailing process.

One further comment -- you can tell this is the late 1980s here and that Krause Publications is Midwestern-based (Iola, Wisconsin).  Notice that the only Yankees are 3 Don Mattinglys and one Babe Ruth.  And sorry Dodger fans -- not a single Dodger in sight here.  Finally, my Lord these cards look so much better without every team name being followed by a prominent "TM".  It just looks right.

Thanks for reading, and let me know what you would like from here!


  1. I would love the fisk cards and the boggs

  2. I would love the Abbott and the Olerud if you haven't already packed up the others for me. Thanks, Tony!

  3. If those Mattingly's and Chuck Connors' are available, I'll be happy to give them a good home!

  4. I was really hoping there would be a Dale Murphy card I'm missing- but I'll take that George Brett '57 style off your hands

  5. If you could part with that Ellis Burks card that would be awesome.

  6. If either of the Fisks, Eckersly or the Boggs is available. I would be interested.

  7. Nobody called dibs on the Griffeys yet? I'd take em! Maybe also McGriff, Rickey, and Julio Franco. Gwynn/Will Clark? Maybe even the Mantle. Now I'm just getting greedy!

  8. Well, since Gavin...just kidding! ; )

    I'd love the Benes, Alomar, Santiago, Valdez/Faries, and Ozzie Smith if available!

    Looking forward to trading you for these!