Thursday, September 11, 2014

Card Show Purchases: The Prince Fielder Collection

"Yes, that collection looks marvelous!" 

My wife loves the show Project Runway. I guess it's the fashion that attracts her. It's not like has any desire to make any clothes, nor would she wear any of the stuff they make. But, she loves the show.

As newlyweds a few years ago, I tried to watch the show with her once. You know how it is when you're a newlywed -- you want to do everything together. I just couldn't do it. I ended up playing video games in our loft at our former house instead.

Now, our house has more rooms and room, so I don't have to be in a loft with the TV turned down very quietly. Instead, I have my office at the top of the stairs off our den.

In either place, though, I still hear Tim Gunn's voice.

If you're not familiar, Gunn is the mentor to the designers on the show. He is the man who walks through the design room and generally rips the designs that are being pursued to shreds. Project Runway pretty much is his show, with Heidi Klum providing the Teutonic beauty and meanness that only a German can provide.

And, tonight, Tim Gunn seems to the the right guy to introduce "The Prince Fielder Collection" from the card show on Sunday.  All the quotes I'm using are from the video below.

"Chop Chop Chop"

Those three words must have been in the minds of Topps' card designers when they and others thought of the relic cards. They chopped up whatever undershirt that they used for that 2011 Lineage Mini Relic card, and they chopped up that piece of wood for the Ginter insert. "Chop Chop Chop! We need more relics!"

"Like a Halter Diaper"

The long-sleeved blue shirt under the baggy blue Brewers jersey reminds me of a loose, saggy diaper for some reason, but without the gathers at the ends to keep stuff inside.  Not to be Mr. Fashion Critic, but Prince, really -- the loose shirt doesn't hide the fact that you still need to lose a little weight. I'm a pretty big guy too, and I know baggy does not equal "everyone thinks you're thin!"

And even the shininess on a Bowman Platinum can't hide that.

"Designers. Designers. Designers?"

As in, "What in the hell where these card designers thinking?" On the Allen & Ginter Mini, Prince looks like an extra floating by Dave and HAL in 2001: A Space Odyssey. I hate orange, generally, so the Goudey is not a good idea in my book -- especially with Prince so off-center. The Topps National Chicle looks like Sinbad got fat. The black-and-white card looks like a poorly done custom card.

The sketch card by Dick Mr. Perez's best work. It has all the looks of Vince Vaughn acting today -- you know what I mean. That look of "I'm getting paid for this, right? It doesn't matter if this crap we're recording is any good, I still get a paycheck, right?"

And, as for that Topps 206, I guess I am just not a big fan of cards with a solid color background.

"Exuberance. Sophisticated."

Prince is exuberant in that bottom photo, and these cards look a bit more sophisticated in many respects than others. I'm surprised in myself that I've selected mostly Bowman for this one. I'm not surprised that I picked the 2010 Turkey Red Insert or the Topps Heritage with the 1960 design. I'm a sucker for that framed look on the TRs, and the 1960s are like 1959 and 1963 to me -- those cards always felt special as a kid, and the design reminds me of that.

"What Is THAT?"

So, yeah, the photo behind the batting cage makes me feel like Topps/Bowman mailed it in. They couldn't be bothered to find a photo of his face, or in game action. And they wanted to be Ar-Tis-Tic with this photo. I think it just looks crappy.

And Prince Fielder fielding a ball -- even a popup -- reminds all of us why the Fielder family's natural habitat is hitting four times a game and watching the rest of the game from the bench.

It's more ironic than anything Alanis Morissette ever sang.

"Go Go Go"

I lost patience and interest in my own artificial construct for this post. My apologies. At least Tim Gunn gave me that out.

"This Has the Potential for a bit of Wow Factor."

I was looking for a card to use this line, and then I realized that a card would not do that justice. The real wow factor here was that I got all these cards for around $5. I know -- wait 10 years and these will probably be in the dime boxes at a flea market somewhere near New Lenox. But to get all these additions to my player collection for Prince at that price made me pretty happy.

Now, if I can just get Tim Gunn's voice out of my head.


  1. Love the Prince runway show, I hear ya about the dime box-I kind of fell the same way about the Yadi cards that are off the chart in price-give it ten years and they will be in the dime boxes.

    1. I think Yadi has less chance of having that happen if he can stay healthy than Prince does. Prince is a mirror image of his dad -- right down to the "aging really, really quickly" part.

  2. I wanted to let you know that I didn't pull a Yount from the Retail A&G-

    1. No problem -- thanks for thinking of me, though.

  3. Prince looks gigantic in that Topps 60 card. Was that pre vegan Prince?

    1. Your comment gives me a great idea for the next time I get some Fielders...

      I think 2011 was in the middle of vegetarian Prince days. Of course, since nachos were made from corn, they were okay to eat.

  4. My wife watches that show too. Apparently, I've been able to ignore it better than you.

    1. My wife watched that show too, but thankfully it was while we were dating long distance.

    2. It's gotten better now that I am in a different room.

      I will say this, though -- Project Runway is almost like a Wagner opera with how it uses music. Wagner used to use what he called "leitmotifs" when characters were being revealed or foreshadowed, and PR does the same thing for certain parts of the show. There's their happy music, their "look out, here comes Tim" music, and their "designer getting sent home" sad music.

  5. As an amateur history fan, I love that there's a card-related blog post out there that uses the work Teutonic. Yours is quickly becoming one of my favorite blogs to read.