Monday, September 8, 2014

Card Show Purchases: The Main PCs

Admittedly, I have a lot of player collections.  I have them broken into tiers at this point because I have so many. I think I'll end that practice and have them in just two groups -- the guys whose cards I'll collect no matter what team they are on and guys whose cards I'll collect as a player collection only on the Brewers/Milwaukee Braves.

I'll get there eventually, I suppose.  

Right now, though, I have four "primary" player collections: Robin Yount, Paul Molitor, Gary Carter, and Ryan Braun. I was able to add to each of those collections -- and to help my team collections as well for those guys -- through my purchases I made yesterday at the card show.

Yount was the one guy whose collection did not grow by much -- just two cards:

The top card is just an A&G base from this year, but it helped me finally get over not pulling a single Yount card in two hobby boxes.  The bottom card is a Cooperstown Card that Score inserted as part of its factory sets back in 1992. Strangely enough, I own a factory set of Score cards, but the Cooperstown Cards were nowhere to be found. So, these two bring my total of Robin Younts up to 604.

The Molitor collection added a couple of cards and also picked up a condition upgrade:

So, the Donruss Elite and the Hot Numbers were ones I had only seen on websites before, and both of those were fairly inexpensive. In fact, the Donruss Elite turned up because I sat down at one last table before I left -- when there were literally less than 10 people at the show other than dealers because everyone was watching the NFL -- and started chatting with the guy behind the table. He pulled it out of a box he had (along with a few others) and I bought it. Otherwise, there's the Topps A&G from this year (for the team collection), the 2012 Topps Tribute (which is just a gorgeous card), the 2009 Topps Manu-Patch that came with my trade bait from yesterday, the "StickUm" from Collector's Choice, and the 1981 Topps condition upgrade.

The Gary Carter collection also added a couple of more cards to it thanks to my Sunday shopping spree:

Of these, I could not believe how absolutely pristine the Kellogg's card from 1976 of Gary is. It's pure white and incredible. It almost seems strange to see the fresh faced kid before he became "The Kid" (which Robin Yount also was called but hated). The cut-off Colgan's disc was also a pretty cool card to find, as was the Topps Tribute. And, as much as I am not a huge fan of the "boring white border" cards, Gypsy Queen and its photos really pop with a white border.

And, finally, there is the Ryan Braun collection. I finally got it catalogued this weekend while I was watching other college teams play football while my team had an off week.  So, I went into this weekend with confidence in buying Braun cards. 

I found a lot of them.

There was a lot of Topps Chrome and Bowman Platinum available this month. While I was in a box-break on Chavez Ravining for the Topps Chrome product, I really didn't get that many cards out of it. So, I bought a few Chrome to at least make sure that I'd have at least my PC guys covered.  There are two platinum that look alike, but one's a gold. Also, that A&G relic was a nice find, and so was this year's Donruss Series 2. I was very pleased to find Topps Finest available as well. As the Cynical Buddha has pointed out, only three Brewers made the base set -- Braun, Gomez, and Jimmy Nelson. So, I fished those out and now I do not have to buy any of the Topps Finest base cards.

So, these are just the tip of the iceberg from Sunday's purchases.  I will have more later in the week, and I'll also have a PWE that showed up as if in response to my "out of mail" post!


  1. Replies
    1. It was a 50-cent card at the first table I hit, so I definitely grabbed it.

  2. Super jealous of that Kellogg's Carter. Few thrills are bigger for me in this hobby than finding new Kellogg's cards. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your card show finds!

    1. I'm actually disappointed in myself that I didn't get the other two or three Kellogg's from 1976 that the guy had -- I was so focused on "PC" collecting!

  3. That is a load of Brauns. Congrats on the new additions.

  4. Lovin' the 76 Kellogg's Carter. A thing of beauty.

    1. It's not often that I say this, but that card looks far, far better in person.

  5. Replies
    1. No doubt -- not for everyone. I had one dealer tell me that she would bring all of her Brauns to unload on me at the next show because she had stopped bringing them since no one seemed to want them.

  6. When I saw that Gypsy Queen of Gary Carter, my immediate reaction was "For crying out loud, how many times has Topps used that photo?" I think one could build a sizeable collection out of all the different versions and parallels of that photo.

    And as several people have said already, I have 1976 Kellogg's envy.