Sunday, September 7, 2014

Breaking Out of a Rut

I've been a bad blogger lately. Yeah, I've been writing some over at the 1982 Topps blog, but those are easy -- post the card, research and write about the player, and set the post for publication. Granted, readership there isn't terribly high -- I'm too verbose for most people's tastes, I think, but in many respects I write that 1982 blog almost for myself.  It keeps me writing and researching and reading on a regular basis, and I've learned a ton about baseball in the 1970s and early 1980s in the process.

But I've let this blog -- and my trading -- languish a bit. I've been busy with other things, too -- organizing a 28-team, 2-league fantasy football monstrosity for our local Lawyer's Club, for example, and going to the Georgia v. Clemson game last weekend.  But I also have not been buying or seeking any new cards lately.

That changed today. After a few months away, I went back to one of the local card shows. And today I was ready like I had not been ready before.

The first time I went in January, I was bewildered and confused. I hadn't really dove back into collecting at that point; it was more along the lines of sticking my toe into the water to see if the temperature was okay. I did not know what to expect then, and what I saw was confusing and disorienting.

The second time I went in April or May, I was much further along in my return to collecting. I had started blogging by that point, and I had been sorting through all the cards I had from my youth for a few months by that point.  I may have even been I spent nearly all my time at a couple of tables. But, I also made a major mistake: I had not eaten lunch before going to the show.  So, at some time around 1 PM or so, I started getting so hungry that I had to leave.

This time, I went a little bit later to the show and picked up food before I got there. I've also started making lists as subpages on here of all the cards that I have for each of my player collections.  I've gotten through Ryan Braun and Yovani Gallardo at this point, so it's still in its primordial stages, but it's a start that allowed me to check on my phone to see if I needed cards that I found in my digging. That probably saved me at least a buck or two today, so it's already worth it.

I ended up spending about $100 today. That number surprised me at first, but I stopped at a bunch of tables and picked up a ton of Brewers. I also got some trade bait.  Today, I'll post that, and probably for the rest of the week I'll be posting about the rest of what I got.

The first group of trade bait resulted from wanting a Paul Molitor from a particular set. In 1997, Collector's Choice/Upper Deck had a set of 30 stickers called, imaginatively enough, Super Action Stick Um's, Surprisingly, on COMC, most of these are going for around a buck a piece. If you collect any of these players and want your guy or if you just want one for your oddball set, let me know.

Since I got that whole package for $3, I am glad to share these around.

The other package of trade bait also came from wanting a particular Paul Molitor -- this time, a manu-patch from 2009 Topps.  That one came with the following 8 manu-patches -- all of which are available for trade.

I tried to get this guy to sell me the Molitor patch by itself, but he wouldn't do it. Since the asking price was not exorbitant, I ponied up the money and figured that it gave me some pretty cool trade bait.

So, are there any Mel Ott collectors out there?


  1. Loved those Collector's Choice Stick 'Ums from the 90's. Very underrated in my book.

  2. Love the Stick Ums! I still have a few and would love the Ripken, Piazza and also the Feller patch if not claimed. Sent you a little something too, some time last week. Hope you didn't pick them up at the card show! Glad you had fun!

  3. The time has come for our paths to cross! Please shoot me an email lifebythedrop79 at yahoo dot com

  4. Oh my gosh oh my gosh! So glad I'm bothering to try to get through the backlog of posts in my reader. I can definitely use the Berkman patch for my collection, and I would do backflips for the Mazeroski. I've already got a package together for you, by the way, so send your address along.