Thursday, March 16, 2017

Quick Check In

Yeah, it's been over a week since I have had the time to write anything here. I really don't have the time to write now, but I feel like I've been neglecting my hobbies thanks to that real world work crap.

Assuming that the case on which I am working doesn't settle soon, I'll be in an arbitration all next week to top off a very busy March. I've billed about 120 hours already this month not counting the past two days.

So as not to lose touch with my blog, here's a recent eBay purchase that I got for a few bucks.

It's one of those spring training commemorative "patches," which is completely a misnomer since it's a piece of plastic or metal inside that card, not a patch. It's serial numbered 17 of 50, so it's got that going for it. Now to chase down the other parallels of this card and I'll be good.

As for a little music, for some unknown reason this song jumped into my head early this morning when trying to come up with a song that I recall from my preteen years. Watch the video. It's almost humorous how little movement there is on this stage. Also, I don't think I realized how much Linda Ronstadt looked like Pat Benatar in this video.

Finally, Steel guitar solo!

Just don't think about Tim McCarver when you see it...


  1. I heard that Topps is issuing a "Freaky Friday" parallel for the Spring Training cards and that all the FL teams will get the AZ Patch, and vice versa. Look out, too, for the live cactus version with little prickers sticking out Ouch!

    Good luck with the case!

  2. LOOOOOOOOOOOVE me some Linda Ronstadt. I am a sucker for the movie Pirates Of Penzance for it's sheer awesomeness, part of it is Linda:

  3. McCarver....badump-bum. Though it is kinda clever.