Sunday, March 6, 2016

Cogitation and #SuperTrader Bob Walk the Plank

Yesterday, I mentioned that I had a post I was cogitating about prior to posting it. I had to reuse the word "cogitate" several times here because desire to engage in deep thought and reflection regarding the subject at hand caught P-Town Tom's eye as a new word. Ha!

At any rate, I was getting ready to talk about the Newsday article in which Derek Jeter collector and Topps employee/spokesperson Susan Lulgjuraj -- @yanxchick on Twitter -- is quoted noting that Topps tries to make products for everyone. By that, she means that the Opening Day product sells for 99 cents to try to entice kids to collect, and then Topps Dynasty retails at $400 a pack/per card for those people who are looking for lottery tickets and, instead, end up with an autograph/relic of Yasmany Tomas.

That's a real 1/1, and the eBay seller took less than $320 for the card from a $400 pack.
Then, as seems to happen with many things in our hobby, Night Owl said in 140 characters what I would have taken five paragraphs to conclude:

So, instead, I'll post a card that came in the mail yesterday instead. I think three-fourths of the known world has received excellent baseball cards from Matt over at Bob Walk the Plank. I wasn't expecting anything from him, so I was surprised when I got an envelope.  It was one card, but it packed a punch.

What was it?

A 2015 Panini Cooperstown autograph of Rollie Fingers! And, indeed, on the back, it says "Milwaukee" above Rollie's name, so this indeed belongs in my collection. 

It goes well with a new page that I started working on yesterday. If you have ever been so bored or suffering from insomnia such that you started looking through my player collections, you may have noticed that for the players from the 1980s, I have a ton of in-person autographs of those players. Knowing that those are not the only autographs I have from that era, I decided to catalog all those in-person autographs. I got through the cards and the photos yesterday with only a few yearbooks and programs to go. That list is located here.

Okay, back to the envelope from yesterday. I feel like a little context helps see what a madman Matt really is:

Apparently, cards like this just appear on Matt's Morgantown desk like dust appears on mine.

Matt, thank you once again for the fantastic generosity!


  1. #supertraders we need to start a madman club and get some t-shirts made up or what not.

  2. The only things I ever find on my desk are cats... Not nearly as exciting as a HOF auto!

  3. I should have reworded that tweet, but glad you got the gist.

  4. I like Rollie Fingers, met him at fanfest a few years ago at all star fan fest, very nice guy

  5. Glad you liked the cards. I'm not the most organized guy. That card was meant for Atlanta a while back, but it got buried with some Pirate cards. I wanted to get it to you because I'm pretty much out of Brewers so it may take me a little bit to stock up again.