Friday, February 26, 2016

#SuperTrader Brett Cooper

For the most part, I am familiar with -- and have traded with -- the vast majority of the "SuperTraders" group that Jaybarkerfan has put together. One person I was not familiar with, though, was Brett. He is perhaps in the process of starting a blog, which I'm looking forward to seeing, but otherwise I don't know much about Brett. 

Still, he lives less than 3 hours away from me. I feel like we have a bond of sorts as a result. Actually, I know we do, because he sent me some great cards as part of the #SuperTraders!

Most of the package were prospects....

So let's see what we have:

I've talked about most of these guys recently, mainly because, well, the 2016 Brewers are Ryan Braun, Jonathan Lucroy, and a bunch of guys who have potential.

I haven't said much about Clint Coulter. Coulter was the Brewers first round pick in 2012 out of high school in Washington State. He's played some catcher and outfield in his time in the minors. He had a great 2014 in the Midwest League -- .287/.410/.520, 22 HR, 89 RBI. The Brewers moved him to the Florida State League last year, and his stat line doesn't impress initially -- .246/.329/.397 -- but that was done in a league that hit .248/.313/.337, so it's not too bad. Still, his defense was considered suspect such that he was not considered a realistic catcher prospect and is more of an outfielder.

The autograph from the Elite Extra Edition is Dan Meadows. He's not a prospect. He made it as high as Triple-A Nashville in 2012 -- a major leap for a kid who was a 49th round pick in 2008. He pitched in the independent Atlantic League the last two seasons at the ages of 26 and 27, and, last year, put up a 24-inning stint with an 0-4 record, an 8.25 ERA, and 6 homers allowed in 24 innings (and 36 hits). I hope he is doing well now.

Now, for the big leaguers:

These guys had a little power, or at least enough to be big leaguers. I liked the song, so there we go.

So, all of these guys other than Gennett had a good amount of power, and all but Gennett are no longer Brewers. I always get confused about these parallels as to whether I have them in my collection already. If I find them at a show, I find myself buying them no matter what. I've tried getting on top of these cards lately, though, and I hope to catch up on want lists.

All in all, this was a great package of card from Brett. To thank him, how about we go to the hardest working man in show business who is from the part of the world where Brett lives:

Thanks, Brett!

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  1. Brett is absolutely top rank. Been swapping cardboard with him for years!! Great guy