Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Cards from the Best Section in Fenway

I've never been to Fenway Park, so I can't vouch specifically for the idea that Section 36 in Fenway in the best section in the stadium. However, no other stadium section has sent me cards in trade, and no other stadium section that I'm aware of has a baseball card blog. 

Also, I'm pretty sure that I have not seen any other baseball card blogs do an interview with either Miss Massachusetts Lauren Kuhn or Miss Vermont Alayna Westcom. Based on those two facts alone, I'm pretty sure Section 36 must be the best section in Fenway.

Right, Ms. Kuhn? [Insert tenuous reason to include swimsuit photo of pageant winner]

Do you agree Ms. Westcom?

I have to say that the coolest thing about Alayna Westcom is not that she is a very attractive woman. It's that she is a strong advocate for focusing on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) in schools. Everyone wanting to be the next Elon Musk or Mark Zuckerberg looks to create that multi-billion dollar business needs to have a STEM background.

Don't be like me and become a lawyer. We've got plenty of lawyers in the world. If I had to do it all over again, I'd probably still become a lawyer...or a history professor somewhere... but that's all because I never liked physics. So don't be me. 

Oh, yeah, baseball cards.


To match Lauren Kuhn's yellow bikini, we have a Derrick Turnbow All-Star Workout-Used Jersey Relic from 2006 Topps:

And to match Alayna Westcom's red bikini, how about a few 2008 Topps Opening Day cards? Works for me!

While those cards and the excuse to post beautiful women in bikinis would be more than enough to keep me happy [I really am a simple man], there were a ton of other cards.  Let's go for player collection groups.

First, the rest of the Yovani Gallardos:

Followed by the Carlos Gomezes:

Next up, Corey Hart:

Let's put a pitcher and catcher together and show off Jonathan Lucroy and Ben Sheets together.

A number of gaps in the rapidly-climbing-toward-a-full-2000-player collection of Rickie Weeks were filled:

And, finally, a couple of fantastic Paul Molitors:

Shockingly, I did not have the Stadium Club of Molitor. That's a great photo of Molitor stealing second base at the old Milwaukee County Stadium.

The cool thing: if that were Fenway, I'm pretty sure Section 36 would be right behind him.

Many thanks go out to Section 36. If I ever get to Fenway, that is the section I will go to immediately!

OH: And, a lot of mail went out today to:

78235 (France)
K9J 3P1
13039 (Italy)

More will go out soon, hopefully!


  1. Glad everything was able to find a good home!

  2. Stadium Club Molitor is beyond excellent!

    1. I actually think that's my favorite Molitor card of all time.

    2. I actually think that's my favorite Molitor card of all time.

    3. Totally agree Julie! SC rules!

  3. Man... Canada sticks out like a sore thumb there. All numbers except Canada lol

  4. I didn't get to watch a lot of Brewers games in 2006, but when I did and Turnbow would come into relieve, we'd lose, usually with a lead. Maybe it was me.