Sunday, February 7, 2016

Binders for Brewers

Atlanta is the home of a few of us bloggers and online card people. Dayf of Card Junk and I both live on the north side of Atlanta, and to be fair, both of us spend a lot of free time (and probably some not-so-free time) on Twitter too. He's @CardJunk and I'm @OffHiatusBBC

We met up today at the twice-monthly card show on Windy Hill Road in Atlanta and did a little trade off: I got Brewers cards, and he got binders and pages from that massive bunch of binders that I got from my in-laws for Christmas.

He's been documenting his side of the swap on Twitter.  Here's a photo of his car trunk with the binders in it:

I also grabbed a stack of the pages that were in the binders and brought them along as well.  So, what did I give up? Here's the totals:

I am just happy that these binders and sheets are not heading to Waste Management, to be fair. I have probably another 50 binders left -- some of which I'll be using -- and I have at least another 1500-2000 pages left. Again, I'll use some of those, but I'll probably trade more of them to Dave at some point in the future.

And, why wouldn't I trade some to him when I get such great stuff in return? Like some Milwaukee Braves:

I get so tied up with trying to stay organized in my Brewers that my Milwaukee Braves collection's organization is somewhat lacking. I need to get more organized on cards issued after the Braves moved from Milwaukee. I have a bunch that need to get into binders and be organized properly. The Hank Aaron from 1999 reminds me of that. The other cards are great additions to my player collections or, perhaps, that neglected post-Milwaukee move group of Braves.

But the Braves were just the tip of the iceberg, because, as Dave put it, "When I saw Bowman, I started cleaning out stuff for you."

Dave was not kidding about that, pretty clearly! This highlights my lack of Bowman from about 1993 to about 2009 or so, I guess -- which coincides well with the cards readily available at the local card show, not coincidentally at all.

Surprisingly, though, there were more cards besides all those. Seriously. The newest one:

Ryan Braun is grimacing as he's about to slide on his own name, wondering why the word "Perspective" is floating around behind him on the basepaths. In all seriousness, this subset is filled with good photos. 

I don't know what differentiates it from the good photos you get with Stadium Club, though, nor do I understand how this photo of Braun sliding into third has anything to do with the "perspective" on the back of the card -- which highlights Braun's solo homer on September 6, 2015 making him the first Brewer with 7 or more seasons of 25 homers or more. I'd have liked this card more if the photo matched the "perspective" on the back: either show me Braun hitting the homer, or tell me what the story of this play is. 

Okay, the "get off my damn lawn" portion of this post is done. On to happier things.

First is this 1998 Topps "Minted in Cooperstown" parallel of Mike Fetters. I blame that 1984 Nestle set for begetting cards like this.

Dave even found a Robin Yount card that I need. I have the other Yount from this Topps Woolworth set from 1990, but I didn't have this one. That's a total win in my book. 

Finally, Dave found a bunch of Paul Molitor cards that I did not have:

That is my first Pacific Prism. To think that Panini feels the need to go with the aluminum foil versions of "Prizms" every, obviously, that's to distract from the lack of logos and all. But, if we're going for distracting designs, no one did it better than Pacific.

Dave, thanks a ton for all these great cards. I know you're a big time "Brony", so in honor of that...

Remember everyone: You've Got to Share, You've Got to Care!


  1. Awwwww... A pony video!
    Sounds like a good swap on both ends.

  2. Cool supplies for cards trade. In order to save money I often buy cases of binders and pages online. I have two friends that chip in to help the cost. A trade for supplies would be awesome. You should move to Morgantown. I'll teach you how to burn a couch.

  3. One of the top rules of card collecting: you can never have too many binders and/or pages. Looks like a solid swap!