Monday, December 28, 2015

More Christmas Cheer from the Card Chop

The great thing about being too busy to post before Christmas is that I get to keep Christmas alive after by posting about the cool stuff that folks have sent to me. I get it, though -- by the time I finish all these up, it'll be past New Year's Day, and no one wants Christmas trees up past New Year's Day.

Today's presents come from Idaho, courtesy of The Card Chop

A brief digression:  I know Night Owl is convinced that Braves bloggers now rule the Internet, and I think I agree. There probably is something to the fact that the TBS SuperStation -- you know, before TBS became synonymous with "reruns of TV Shows that may have been funny the first time you watched them but now feel hopelessly dated" -- carrying the Braves games nationwide in the 1980s and 1990s helped spur folks to become Braves fans even though they don't live anywhere close to Atlanta and probably think that someone making a reference to the Perimeter is a reference to a math story problem

Now, I'm not lumping The Chop Keeper into that group -- frankly, I'm not sure why the Chop Keeper is a Braves fan, and that really doesn't matter. But, the Braves being good for a long time starting about 25 years ago make sense as to why the bloggers are coming out now -- it's that lag between being a kid and a fan and being an adult trying to be a kid. 

I mean, 1992 was a great year for Braves fans -- going back to the World Series to prove that 1991 was not a fluke, for instance. It gave Braves fans their defining moment of fandom in the seventh game of the NLCS as well: the Sid Bream Slide. So, Braves fans, enjoy the game:

Meanwhile, I'll enjoy Robin Yount's 3000th Hit:

Both in card form and in video form:

That card was a great reminder of that simpler time in college when I really didn't like the Braves because, well, about 66% of the Vanderbilt campus suddenly starting wearing Braves hats and jumping on board the bandwagon.

A better reminder of even simpler times -- and a fun addition to my Yount collection -- was this one:

The scanner didn't pick up what you can definitely see in person -- that the white baseball on the front of this unopened "Super Size" card is fairly transparent. It's transparent enough to allow someone to see inside the package to tell that this pack holds a Robin Yount Super Baseball card.  

These two items are both great additions to my Robin Yount collection, which is inching closer to 900 items now. Hopefully, I'll add more to this collection soon.  In the meantime, just Super Size me.

Thanks again, Steve Chop Keeper, for the excellent Christmas gift and keep on chopping -- and thank Deion Sanders for that!


  1. I remember the Jays mocking the chop a couple times in 1992.. Both Alomar and Gruber...
    They also did a "No" chant using the Chop theme..

  2. Steve hit me with a needed Braves card for Christmas. Sweet Yount (sealed) Super! Happy New Year! Still got a bunch waiting to send off one day for ya.

  3. Are you keeping the pack unopened? And FWIW... I have TBS to thank for becoming a Braves fan. We got cable in 1981 and the rest, as they say, is history. :)

    1. I think I will keep it unopened. It's like an unopened rack pack to me -- I can tell it's Yount, so it's a unique item separate from the basic card from that set!