Saturday, December 19, 2015

Burned Out

I'm feeling very burned out today. 

I don't mean that I'm burned out on blogging or sharing the great cards that folks send me. I mean that I've been writing literally all week at work.  A little known fact: the reality of being a lawyer for most people is that lawyers are not people who get in court and argue all the time. Some folks are like that -- criminal defense lawyers, for instance. But, most civil litigation lawyers and generally all other lawyers other than trial lawyers are really professional writers.

That's what I have been doing all week. I have a major court filing due on Monday that I still need to finish my first draft for over this weekend. 

In the interest of putting up a post, though, let me do a quick one-card post. It's just the tip of the iceberg of the cards that Mr. Haverkamp sent my way. And, once I get to Tuesday or Wednesday next week, I might actually have the opportunity to get some packages put together and post all the great cards that have come way over the past week!

This is just a cool card -- it is a 1970 Topps baseball Scratch off card of Mike Hegan, still with the Seattle Pilots.

More to come tomorrow, hopefully, or definitely later in the week.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I worked at a law firm for a few years and I definitely noticed that - as a clerk, I spent more time at the courthouse than some of the lawyers. Excellent Blazing Saddles reference and a Pilots card is always a good share.

  2. I really like those scratch off cards. You should get Della to do some of that writing for you.

  3. So it's not all that glamerous- is that what you're saying?

  4. I just picture you like Sam Waterson from Law and Order. Don't ruin it for me.