Saturday, December 12, 2015

Julie's Been Working for the Drug Squad

How else can you explain why Julie from A Cracked Bat would be sending out so many cards to so many people? She must have some kind of "connections" that are allowing her to put such great envelopes of cards together for people.

I have traded with Julie a couple of times already. In fact, my last trade post (called imaginatively "Julie: A Trade Post") is one of my most viewed posts ever (with over 1150 hits). It might be the American Girl part of the post that draws random hits to the post, but it's more likely that the world wants more "Cracked Bat"!

This time around, Julie sent me several very recent cards from a couple of the higher end sets:

Now that's a lot of Lucroy right there -- two of the Museum Collection base card parallels, the Topps Triple Threads base of both Luc and Gomez, the Lucroy Green parallel, and the Red prism card from Panini that reminds me of a Picasso painting for some reason.


Anyway, Julie also treated me to some relics and autographs too.

Coooooooooooooop! Dave Parker was a Brewer for just one year, but apparently the Brewers kept every one of his old uniforms to let Upper Deck cut them up into little squares. Finally, there's Carlos Villanueva, who was last seen in the bullpen for Baseball's Best Fans (who really seem to believe that Jason Heyward should have felt more kinship to St. Louis after 1 season than he would show for any other team in baseball).

Finally, Julie hooked me up with a few random cards for a couple of my other player collections:

Each of these great cards -- including the Gallardo Chrome Heritage up top -- were ones I knew that I needed for my player collections.  

This last one, though, was not.  I mean, I'm not a Scott Fletcher collector, except for his cards with the Brewers, of course...

...well played, Julie! Well played.

Thanks again for the great cards you've sent this time. And, guess what? I've been collecting up cards to send your way soon!


  1. Carlos Villanueva looks much better with his "silent movie villain" mustache; but, he's got a nice signature either way. Also, sorry I'm not sorry Cardinal fans.

  2. The Cooper and the Parker relics are really nice. Looks like a nice haul of just about everything there.

  3. For some reason, I can't remember if Parker was a Brewer before or after he spent part of a season as a Jay.. I know Villanueva was a Jay for at least a couple years.. Didn't do too badly.

    I like the back of that Fletcher card, if only because I like cards with throwback uniforms..

  4. You'll probably get a million hits on this post by using one of the Clash's best songs ever.

    That shot with Yount and the Black Soxer checking the ump's call is fantastic.

    "Ten years for you...nineteen for youuuuuu" Glad to hear that song again today.

    1. You know I love The Clash, bud. It was inevitable that I would use this song with a Julie post at some point!

  5. Hey Tony,

    I was browsing through your Want list and put together a team bag of cards for you. I'm new to the whole online blog/trading world and don't know the formalities of sending each other cards. I also have no idea how the blogspot interface works so this was the only way I know how to get a message out to you.



    1. Jared -- shoot me an e-mail ( Gmail) and I can fill you in with my address and the like.