Saturday, October 24, 2015

I Like Free Stuff

Everyone likes free stuff, right? I mean, 

Now that I have everyone's attention, let me remind you that, if you haven't already entered one of my two contests -- either where you tell the story of your best card show find or, if you've never been to a card show, you tell me what you'd try to find at a card show.  Yes, it's two different contests.

Speaking of free stuff, I like the fact that COMC gives free store credit back when you buy stuff there.  I tend to load up on cheap cards -- no more than $1 or $2 -- when I shop there, so I hit their numbers to get credit pretty regularly.  I should have waited on shipping these to myself until I made my next order, but then I got a free shipping card...and I couldn't wait.  I wanted these cards NOW, if not sooner.

As a result and instead of waiting, I got a 7-card shipment from COMC.  The first card out of the package adds one card to my Jonathan Lucroy collection:

Perhaps the more-in-the-know-than-me people can tell me the difference this year in Finest between a refractor and a base card.  This card was sold as a refractor, but it was less expensive than Luc's base card. Add in the fact that the refractors don't say refractor anywhere, and I'm confused.  I mean, the base cards seem to have a slightly darker background when scanned versus the refractors but otherwise, the difference is as clear as a Scottish peat bog.

Mmmm, peat when used to make Scotch, of course.

The other 6 cards from COMC filled in a few gaps in my Robin Yount collection.  With these six, my Yount collection stands at an even 800 cards -- which would be cause for a contest but, hey, I'm already holding one!

Anyway, here are those six cards, in no particular order:

So, from the top, I got a mini photo variation from 2015 Gypsy Queen, a 2013 Topps Tribute base card, the 2001 UD Decade 1970s Rookie Flashback card (which shows Yount at some point a good ten-plus years after his rookie year, oddly), a 2005 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes base card, a 2003 Donruss Elite All-Time Career Best highlighting Yount's 49 doubles in 1980 (a season in which Yount racked up an excellent 82 extra-base hits (49 2Bs, 10 3Bs and 23 HR...numbers he surpassed in 1982 with 46 2Bs, 12 3Bs, and 29 HRs for 87 extra-base hits), and, finally, the 1999 SP Signature Edition -- the year that everyone started going retired-player crazy in issuing sets, it seems.  Was this set so popular that every one of the card issues said "yeah, let's do that"?

Because these cards deserve a song, let's go straight for the obvious.

Thanks for reading and please, enter my contests.

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