Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A PWE from 2x3 Heroes and Contest, Part II

First off, thank you to the folks who have already entered the card show Contest. I started thinking about the fact that there are a lot of folks who may never have been to a card show, and that I should try to make an effort to include them in some ways.  

Let's do that here: if you have never been to a card show, comment on this post and tell me what card or cards you would look for at a card show.  I'll do the same prize here as well -- $10 spent at my local card show trying to help you live out your card show dreams.  Please note: you are only allowed to win one time -- either on this post or the other one.  

Last week while I was roaming around the country's midsection, I received a PWE from JediJeff at 2x3 Heroes. I was happy to see it because I now can confirm that I am in his PWE club, in which he randomly sends out a PWE based on your collecting interests.  Jeff is the kind of guy who will take those miscuts off your hands -- yes, he collects them, and he even spelled out his criteria last year as to what it takes to be a true miscut.  He also tends to put songs on each of his blog posts, which is always a big win to me.

Songs? Sure, I overuse the song-introducing-a-card posts here, but dadgum it, I'm a big music fan. So, using whatever songs catch my ear today, here are the Brewers that Jeff sent my way.

2008 Upper Deck Ryan Braun

Wholly appropriate song to go with the card that popped into my head?

One of my wife's favorite artists:

The song is called "Before He Cheats," though I can't be sure that this card came before Braun cheated.

Carrie Underwood sure is easy on the eyes. The first concert my wife and I attended together was in Milwaukee at Summerfest in 2010, and it was Carrie Underwood. My wife was then just my fiance, and she had not met my family in person. When I saw that Carrie was playing the last day of Summerfest, I jumped on the tickets and made that our gift to ourselves for going to Wisconsin.

Oddly enough, that was the last show that Carrie did before she came to Georgia and Lake Oconee and got married to hockey player Mike Fisher at the Ritz Carlton Reynolds Plantation.

1991 Topps Tom Edens

What fits this card?

So, when I think of 1991 and the name Edens, I think of going back to college for my sophomore year at Vanderbilt. My drive to Vandy from where I grew up took me south on I-94 (eastbound, officially) from Milwaukee to Chicago before cutting into Gary, Indiana. I-94 in Chicago is the Edens Expressway.

What does that have to do with REM? Well, in the spring of 1991 and as happened every spring, the Southern Baptist Church has some sort of big get-together on campus at Vanderbilt and they rented out the 15,000 seat Memorial Gymnasium for it. It was my first time seeing that big meeting there.  As I was walking back to my dorm from that side of campus, I walked by the Beta Theta Pi fraternity house. Blasting from their speakers was the entirely appropriate "Losing My Religion."

2009 Topps Allen & Ginter Jeff Suppan

I'm not a Jeff Suppan fan. But, I'll make the best of this:

The Soup Dragons biggest U.S. hit was "Divine Thing." I listened to this song a ton a couple of years after it was released because the "New Rock" station in Milwaukee in 1994, New Rock 102.1, had this song in constant rotation at that time. 

It's still a pretty good song, I think.  It holds up well...and a lot better than Suppan did as a Brewer.

2000 Upper Deck Mark Loretta

I have few strong memories of Mark Loretta. He was a Brewer around the time they moved to the NL, and then he became an Astro.  Based on his Twitter feed, it appears that Loretta is drawn more to the Padres than anything else.  Loretta is only about 4 months older than me, and yet, he feels like he belongs to a distant past.

I guess if I were a pro athlete, I'd belong to a distant past as well.

When I think of Loretta, though...

There's only one Loretta Lynn. Even though she is 83 years old, the Coal Miner's Daughter from Butcher Hollow (that's pronounced "Holler", by the way), Kentucky, is still touring -- playing casinos and theaters from Tyler, Texas, to Tarrytown, New York.

Personally, I'll be lucky to make it to age 83.

Okay...last card to share, even though Jeff sent a bunch more.

2013 Topps Mike Fiers

Yeah, I had this card already. But I always get a particular song in my head whenever I see a card of the Astro's no-hit thrower:

I didn't start the Fiers.  He was always burning since the world's been turning.

Jeff, thank you very much for having me in your PWE club. I'll be on the lookout for some good Chisox to send your way.


  1. So you decided to attach a song to every card today like I did I see. I guess great minds think alike lol.

    1. HAHAHA Of course. I steal all my best ideas from other bloggers.

    2. Although to be fair, your songs were sort of related. Mine were selected at random thanks to the shuffle button ;).

  2. Do you think if Mike Fiers was a closer that he would use Billy Joel as his entrance music?

  3. My first concert was also Carrie Underwood. All the way back when she was opening for Rascal Flatts.

    Also, I surprisingly have NEVER been to a card show... though I've thought about trying many times. The closest one to me seems to be an hour and a half away though. So it might be a while still. If I ever did get to one, I'd absolutely be looking for someone with a massive box of minis and start picking through them trying to find deals (or else buy a bunch in bulk).

    1. To be fair, Carrie was my first concert with my wife. My own actual first concert was much more 80s in nature -- I went with my brother and his friends to see White Lion and Stryper. Seriously.