Thursday, August 13, 2015

Junk Wax from The Astrodome

A week or so ago, I found a few spare minutes to read a couple of blogs. In the past, that was not a rare event.  Indeed, since I started this blog back in February of 2014, I've had a lot more free time than I really should have had.  By that, I mean that my job in 2014 was incredibly slow, and trying to develop my law practice in 2015 took a lot of energy, but I still had a fair amount of free time.

Not any more.

Work has buried me.  For the first time in at least 3 or 4 years, I have so much to do at work that I almost feel bad not getting in earlier (today, 7:20) and then for leaving when I do (tonight, at 6:30). It's because it feels like I'm still behind.  Because I am.

But, I have to be honest -- it's a good feeling as well.  It's stressful, no doubt, but it's also a great challenge too.  

So, back to the set up. I had a few minutes to read some blogs and saw that Bru from Remember the Astrodome has a post called "Free Junk Wax!"  I swear, seeing that declaration was not all that different than being hungry in the morning and seeing this sign:

It's tough to turn those down.

Okay, I'll admit that despite the fact that this month marks the 20th anniversary of me moving to Georgia, I'm very much more of a Dunkin Donuts fan than I am Krispy Kreme...

But I digress.

Bru was kind enough to fill some 1989-1991 Upper Deck needs for me.

The great thing is that, other than the two Brewers error cards in the 1989 Upper Deck Set (the "upside down" SS on Gary Sheffield's rookie card and the photo of Ronn Reynolds on the back of Bill Schroeder's card), these four cards combined to complete my 1989, 1990, and 1991 Upper Deck sets.  And, as an aside, I'm only four years of sets away from having that Upper Deck Want List completely populated.

To me, that would have been a great PWE if Bru had stopped there. Instead, he was kind enough to throw in a few cards from this year that I did not have.

I haven't opened many packs this year. I decided against it. Perhaps the one set that I miss most as a result, though, is Allen & Ginter.  Everyone else is moving on to talk about 2016 Topps or the Chrome set that is coming out, but I just got my first 2015 A&G!

Of course, these two cards are reminders of why the Brewers are where they are this year. Frankly, karma in giving a two-year, highly overpriced contract to a closer who has a history of domestic violence dictated that the Brewers should suck.  Here's more on how K-Rod is a nimrod. If you believe in karma, that is.  

I don't put Ryan Braun's steroids in this category -- he just cheated and now he's about to pass Robin Yount for the all-time franchise lead in home runs.  But, let's be clear -- Braun doesn't beat up people.

Then there's this year's version of Marco Estrada -- Kyle "Tater Tot" Lohse. Lohse was good in 2013 and 2014 for the Brewers, but this year -- thankfully in the final year of his contract -- he's been brutal.  Every single one of his 87 runs allowed have been earned.  That's because runs allowed on home runs are earned (he's giving up 1.8 HR per 9 innings). But, hey, he's a Brewer on this card so I'll put him in my collection.

Finally, Bru sent me a card that was a lot less depressing:

I barely know when Topps's release dates are, so I have no chance with Panini. I'm guessing that I missed the 2015 Prizm release at some point in May or June.  Of course, let's be honest, I wouldn't have bought it. 

Also, is this the exact same design as last year, or is that just my eyes and prejudices deceiving me? But it's great to add a new card to the Lucroy collection while the Brewers still have him on the roster.

Thanks a ton, Bru, for the finished team sets and the 2015 cards as well -- I appreciate them!

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  1. This post reminded me I have some newer Brewers to send you... soon