Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Card Show Sunday, Post III

When last we talked, I had just raided a 15/$1 box for some oddballs, some trade bait, and some very recent Brewers.  I realized today that I misspoke yesterday -- I am have not completed the 2015 Topps Flagship Brewers set, because the Brewers team card features both Jonathan Lucroy and Carlos Gomez and I could only find two of that card.  So, if you have an extra of that laying around, please send it my way.

I stopped at a table at this show that I usually don't visit. It's not that I don't like the vendor; really, it's usually that her table is filled with people when I have money to spend or I spend all my time elsewhere.  This time, though, I stopped at the table and happened across the cheap relic box: one row of $1 relics, one row of $2 each or 3 for $5, and one row of $3 or 2 for $5.  Unsurprisingly -- since I'm pretty sure there aren't many Brewers collectors around Atlanta -- I found a bunch of Brewers (and a Twin) in this box.  

Let's start with my favorite Twin ever:

I feel like this is a Brewers swatch in a Twins clothing. I don't know Twins' uniforms that well, but I just don't recall the Twins having blue pinstripes while Molitor played there.  In any event, this card is serial numbered 70 of 300 and was in the $3 box.  

That's three Carlos Gomez relics -- two of the "Career High" relics from this year (to complete the team set and the player collection, unless you count color of swatch as a variation) and the "All-Star Stitches" relic from the 2014 Topps Updates and Highlights set. I'll probably have a bit more perspective on his leaving at the end of the season. I hope by then to be caught up with organization after a short 18 to 24 months of work at that point.  I think all of these were in the $1 or $2 bin.  I can't recall, to be fair, because I got a decent deal on tonight's post as a package.

Now these being in the cheap bin was a little surprising. At the top is a 2008 Upper Deck Spectrum Swatches Orange serial numbered to 75, a 2012 Panini National Treasures card serial numbered to 99, and then two 2008 Bowman Sterling relics -- one that is the base and one that is the Refractor serial numbered to 199.  Again, finding these as cheaply as I did surprised me a great deal. Yes, I get that not many people like Braun, but these were great finds for me.

Now, I'm not surprised that I found Yovani Gallardo in the cheap relic stack. Both of these were definitely in the $1 pile.  The Gypsy Queen is from 2012, and the Donruss Jersey Kings was from last year's Donruss release.

And finally, this Sweet Spot Sweet Swatch was actually a duplicate to one I have in my player collection. So, into the team collection it goes.

All of these relics were mine for just $15. 

That's 11 relics -- including a HOF -- for $1.36 a piece.  I felt like I was at a thrift shop.

Yeah, I know. Obvious.  

Thanks for reading -- and check in tomorrow for vintage overload!


  1. Pretty sure I have a couple of that a Brewers team card laying around. I'll send it your way if so.

  2. $15!!! Great deals. I just found some really cool stuff to send your way very soon......

  3. I think that's probably a Brewer Blue pinstripe too - The Twins had a darker navy pinstripe (the card shows it off on Molitor's pants) when they did pinstripes. It's almost a black stripe on the Twins uniforms. The older throwbacks of the 60's unis had pretty dark pinstripes too.

  4. This song is going to be my entrance song tomorrow when I go to the flea market. Congratulations on adding those relics to your PC.