Sunday, June 7, 2015

War with JBF: Boxes 2 and 3 of Monster #5

It's pretty well known around the blogosphere that I love oddballs. As a kid, whenever I'd see one of those 33-card or 44-card sets at a toy store, a drug store, or a grocery store, I'd throw down the dollar or two and buy it. If I heard about a food company using cards as a giveaway, I'd suddenly have a craving for three boxes of granola or macaroni and cheese or potato chips.

With that reputation, I probably should not have been surprised by the contents of the second and third boxes of Monster #5 from Jaybarkerfan.  After the cruel attack on my home in box 1, it was clear that things could not get worse...well, unless the other two boxes were filled with cards of Will Clark and the 1981 New York Yankees.  

Thankfully, they were far better.

Box 2: The Unopened Packs
In case you were wondering, this box was still random.

JBF said so:

As a kid, I'd save up my nickels, dimes, and quarters to buy packs of cards. JBF gave me a kickstart toward a new pack:

I imagine that this nickel could still be used to buy things, even if it is anywhere from 77 to 102 years old. The date for this coin cannot be determined, however, as the date for the coin has worn off through normal circulation.  Originally, the date would appear on the shoulder on the heads side of the coin -- as raised numerals.  Those numerals frequently wore off through usual circulation.  But still, this is a cool coin.

On the other hand, I don't think I'll be able to get too many packs in return for this:

See, this is why it is good we have an international contingent in the blogosphere.  I can guess at what this 1 guilder note says, I could try using Google translate, but instead, I'm calling out to The Dutch Card Guy for help -- Jeroen, help!

The box, though, contained a ton of packs for me to open, so I'm not going to need to spend the nickel or my 1 guilder note any time soon.

Yes, those boxes were filled with unopened packs:

Laid out on the floor, that box looked like this:

And another one...

Laid out on the floor, that box looked like this:

And finally:

That box contained a bunch of non-sports packs:

In total, here's what all those packs looked like back in the priority mail box:

I tore through nearly all of those packs too.  I haven't opened all of them -- I did not open the non-sports stuff, and I saved a couple of rack packs for reasons that will be clear in a second. There were definitely some highlights for me in those packs.  

Actually, let's start with those rack pack highlights -- the ones I left unopened.  They remained unopened because they are going into player collections:

There were two rack packs with this Paul Molitor Glossy All-Star in them.  I chose to keep this one sealed because, well, it had two Hall of Famers on the front and because I've met Brett Butler when he lived here and he's a good guy.

Another Molitor rack pack with two Hall of Famers on the front that goes into the Paul Molitor collection.

Never mind the Hall of Famer in the middle -- it's Dan Plesac on the left that I care about, and it's that fact that puts this rack pack into the Plesac player collection.

Of course, I couldn't NOT open those other packs.  Here are a few highlights:

The Yount and Lucroy Gypsy Queens came in the same pack, which happens to me never. The other cards were needed for the team collection or for a player collection.  So, these packs overall were not all that fruitful for Brewers cards, but they still were fun to tear through.  

Box 3: Box Sets

Box 3 is best introduced by some Canadians:

Yes, that was Barenaked Ladies singing "Box Set" off their album "Gordon," which was released in 1992...which makes me feel even older than my 43 years.  

What did Box 3 look like?

More random doom?  Sign me up.  Just please, no more Gigli.

The first thing to pop out?

A 35-year-old Brewers program from the Opening Series against the Boston Red Sox in 1980.  The big news for the 1980 season was the fact that County Stadium had gotten a brand new scoreboard -- touted inside as begin the "World's Most Advanced Scoreboard System" and featuring "more than 32,000 40-watt light bulbs."  Indeed, that scoreboard appears in the first Major League movie on many occasions, including in this clip at the 1:09 mark.  

Those of us in Milwaukee chuckled that the advertisement for our local NBC station, WTMJ 4, stayed up.  Also, if you look closely during some of the early scenes in the movie -- the part where the Indians are sucking -- you can see that the clock on the scoreboard shows that the producers did not adjust the clock to proper game times.  Often, you can see that they were filming in the morning at Milwaukee County Stadium (if you can't tell it by the lighting, you can see the clock at 20 minutes till 11 AM at least once or twice).  

All thanks to that state of the art scoreboard with all the 40-watt light bulbs.

What else was in this box?  Ask my buddy Gus what he sees:

Yes, more unopened packs and some bags of randomness, but also two 800-count-sized boxes filled with boxed sets from the 1980s and 1990s!  Indeed, as you might be able to see, there were a few repacks in this box and a graded card.  

Of whom?

Former Milwaukee Buck Andrew Bogut. It's a 9.5! Maybe, though, I should try my hand at freeing him. I mean, I won't be heartbroken if I damage this card, to be fair, and I'm not sure that it holds all *that* much value as a graded card...we'll see.

Now, I haven't fully catalogued all of them, but I did find two sets from Woolworths that were $1.99 each back in 1986.  They featured 33 cards and one stick of gum.  And, as you can see in the photo below, they both each still had their gum inside.  Yes, 29-year-old gum, and in both boxes, they were stuck to the back of Gorman Thomas's card.  Thankfully, Thomas was a Mariner in this set!

At any rate, here's a photo showing the stacks of boxes that were in Monster #5, including the 29-year-old gum.  

Sorry, I threw the gum out so it won't be living on to be thrown into another trade package.

Actually, for that, I'm not sorry at all.  

Finally, let me show you a few highlights from the various repacks and bags and boxes in Monster #5, Box 3:

A Ziploc bag filled with Topps Coins from 1988 and 1990!

A 1973 Topps Cy Young card!

Inside that unopened pack of Topps Heritage was this Sandy Koufax insert of "A Legend Retires '66."  I get that it is a career retrospective insert set -- and a really nice photo at that -- but it confused me at first to see the caption as "Sandy Notches Shutout at 19."

One of the repacks Bipped me.  Not a full on "Bipping" but a single 1986 Topps Update card of the Bipster.

This was a JBF insert -- the 1968 Topps Tommy Davis game card.  In case you missed it, Topps Archives is going to use this design for an insert set this year.  It's a 33-card insert, and it contains three Brewers in it.  I hope I get a few of those thanks to JBF entering me into the Nachos Grande Case Break!

My first First Pitch insert.  Macklemore apparently threw out this pitch on a night last year for which the Mariners did a Macklemore bobblehead give away.  To be fair, he did a pretty good job of the pitch -- full wind-up and all.

Back to the box:

 My God does he look small.
Pat LaFontaine, whose career was destroyed by concussions.

Daren Puppa is sporting a perfect 1990 mullet. Between LaFontaine and Alexandr Mogilny on NHL 95 on Sega, I became a Sabres fan for a while.  Puppa was not all that good by that point.
What is one of these Baseball Card Magazine cards doing in a repack?

 This one is a card JBF threw in as well.  What Cabrera collector would like it?
Il Calcio!

A complete set from Fleer of the 1988 World Series cards.
And, to close things out, a Dave Nilsson from the Upper Deck "Final Edition" from 1991.  I broke open that box just to pull Nilsson out.

That wraps up Monster #5. I feel like things are actually going my way in this War right now. JBF should be getting to my last few sorties soon, and there is one monster remaining.  So, I am certainly not getting cocky about my chances here. 

But, again, I think my research and the depth of cards available to me here has helped me hold my own in a war that I thought initially would be a lopsided affair.

But, again, there's one more Monster to go.  We'll see how that turns out.


  1. Gus seemed a little overwhelmed by all of those packs!

    1. I think the Magic Motion Sportflics cards were messing him up. LOL!

  2. Business is picking up between you two now. Getting close to the finish!

    1. Yes, indeed. It's getting close. I'm looking forward to getting back to sorting, putting normal trade packages together, etc.