Wednesday, January 14, 2015

#WalletCard: Robert Goes to Dinner

Tonight, my wife and I joined our next door neighbors for dinner at one of our favorite restaurants near where we live. The restaurant is a burger joint, but that does not really do justice to it.

It's called Farm Burger, and their "thing" is that all the burgers are from locally raised, grass-fed beef that is dry-aged and ground fresh on site. Here, let me get you hungry (if you like burgers):

My wife was confused when I pulled a card out of my wallet and took a photo of it on the placemat next to the Farm Burger Dunwoody Logo. Y'all will understand, though.  Here's Robert Edwards, looking ready to have a burger himself:

It's been a hectic week here for me, but thankfully #walletcard makes this one an easy post.  And my burger -- which was a build-it-yourself with fresh jalapenos, swiss cheese, homemade mayonnaise, and red onions -- was fantastic.


  1. Replies
    1. Farm Burger has got some garlic parmesan fries that just rock. All locally grown and all that too. That stuff matters to me if it means that the food tastes better...and at Farm Burger, it usually does!

  2. that burger looks hungry...