Sunday, January 25, 2015

Mini Box Break with Cards on Cards

In my final catch up post from packages received in 2014 or near the very beginning of 2015, we have the results of a 2015 Topps Mini box break that Madding from Cards on Cards. I didn't get anything outside base card from the Minis, though I needed a lot of those for either the team collection or player collections. Here are those:

Yeah, as cool as it was to fill in some gaps, these cards scanned in really don't inspire tons of excitement because, after all, they are just another Topps base set parallel. And, I think all of us are ready for the white-bordered sets of the past several years -- as in, what, the last 6 sets? -- to exit stage left and make room for something a bit more inventive.

With my box break not yielding anything noteworthy, Madding was kind enough to throw in some additional cards, all of which were cards again that I needed either for player collections or the Brewers team collection:

Madding, thanks for these cards that you added in to the mini cards, and thanks for running the box break!

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  1. Madding hooked me up with a bunch of extras too. That was nice because I struck out in the break too.