Monday, January 19, 2015

Award Season

When I first started blogging last year in February, one of the first things I ran across was Jaybarkerfan's voting in the 2013 Blog of the Year balloting. When JBF took a break in October, people wondered aloud who would run the awards this year. Thankfully, Suzy Lulgjuraj at A Cardboard Problem stepped up with her own group of awards tastefully titled "The 2014 Bip Awards."

I was surprised to be included as a nominee in the Rookie of the Year voting for Best New Blog. To whomever was kind enough to nominate me, I say "Thank you very much."

Go check out Suzy's list of nominations for best Blog, rookie of the year, industry news source, most generous blogger, best non-baseball blog, best non-sports blog, best recurring subject, best Twitter feed, and best Instagram feed.  

Also, be sure to vote on the "Blog you wish would come back." Who knows? Perhaps we could convince the winner out of 30-Year-Old Cardboard, Crinkly Wrapper, Dinged Corners, Napkin Doon, and Wax Heaven to return to the fold!

Have a great day, and may your Martin Luther King Jr. Day holiday be an enjoyable one whether you're working or not.


  1. I'm happy to be included in those nominations with you ! (and I was as surprised as you are)

  2. I'm happy to be included too in those nominations with the both of you. I'm also quite surprised being my blogging hasn't been as frequent as I would like it. I have no idea who nominated me either. Rookie of the Year for best new blog sonehow left off Bob Walk the Plank who is a tremendous blogger who started just before I did.

    1. I agree, Keith. It surprised me that Bob Walk the Plank wasn't nominated somewhere there. Matt's incredibly generous and blogs a bunch. Perhaps folks forgot that he is actually a rookie!