Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Crackin' Wax Allen & Ginter Charity Break

I really enjoy participating in case breaks. The joy of getting a bunch of only Brewers cards and knocking an entire new Topps product -- at least the base and the more numerous inserts -- off my wantlist. 

I especially like participating when my financial contribution is scaled to match the number of Brewers and potential Brewer hits in the product. I certainly understand when people keep the accounting easier for themselves and price all the teams the same -- especially when there is an add-on team automatically provided. But I like it better when I don't pay as much as the person with the Yankees and their 8000 cards. It just makes better sense.

Finally, I really enjoy participating with Crackin' Wax a/k/a Varsity Trading Cards. Thanks to both the non-sports auction that Topher ran on eBay for all those cards and to a bunch of donations both from skunk protection on hits being donated as well as one heck of a charity giveaway, the Crackin' Wax team was able to donate $1000 to Big Brothers/Big Sisters of America. 

It feels good to know that I could help a little bit there with donating my skunk protection. It feels good, too, that I got some Allen & Ginter in my hands as well.

Those are the base cards for Milwaukee in the A&G set. They are pretty good. The problem at this point, though, is that Allen & Ginter is pretty much out of ideas. There's just nothing interesting about this set any more. Yeah, sure, I know -- it's not about the base cards with A&G; it's about the minis and the inserts. Even there, it's sort of yawn-inducing.

I mean, like I said, it's not that I dislike these cards. They just aren't as exciting as they used to be. The issue is that I'm not sure that there is any way to make it more interesting or exciting. 

Let's see if the minis or inserts can help.

Out of an entire case of A&G, I got three of the five Brewers minis. I guess that's not bad considering they come one to a pack, though I was hoping for better I guess.

I sort of like these "numbers game" inserts. On the back, they list both team greats to wear the jersey number as well as other MLB greats. 

Or, at least that is what they say they are doing:

Um, guys in Brooklyn with Topps, you do realize that there is a difference between the Milwaukee Brewers franchise (where only Tim Johnson, Mike Hegan, and, for one year, Pat Listach wore the number 4) and the Minnesota Twins/Washington Senators franchise -- where Bob Allison, Sam West, Mickey Vernon, and Joe Cronin all wore the number 4. 

You guys in New York can tell the difference between Minnesota

(which is a state) and Milwaukee

(which is a city) -- right?

I'm pretty sure people who live in those "flyover states" between New York and Los Angeles can.

And, I'm really sure that Crackin' Wax from Minnesota and Off Hiatus from Milwaukee can.

Anyway, as you can see, my break was, in fact, as hitless as David Ortiz in the 2016 All-Star Game (#ToppsNow!). So, Crackin' Wax made it up to me with a few extras:

A nice hit from Rickie Weeks capped off this great break for me. Hopefully, I'll remember to sign up for the Bowman Chrome break coming up in a couple of months. Perhaps by that point the Brewers will have taken over the Twins franchise history even more so that I will be able to crow about how we won the World Series in 1987 and 1991.

Or not.

Thanks for a great break, Crackin' Wax!


  1. That is a rather large blunder.. One of these days I'd like to take part in a break..

  2. As usual I took the easy way out. Purchased the A&G Redsox set complete with short prints and inserts.