Jim Slaton Collection (12/31/2017)

Jim Slaton was a 15th round draft pick of the Seattle Pilots in 1969 out of junior college.  He came up with the Milwaukee Brewers in 1971 at the age of 21. The Brewers traded him away twice in his career -- after the 1977 season with pitcher Rich Folkers in exchange for Ben Oglivie and again after the 1983 season in exchange for outfielder Bobby Clark.

Since he retired, he played a year in the Senior Professional Baseball League before spending all but four years between 1995 and 2010 as a minor league pitching coach. In those other four years, he was first a roving pitching instructor for a year and then the bullpen coach for three years with the Seattle Mariners (2004-2007).

In 2000, he was named a starting pitcher on the Milwaukee Brewers all-1970s team by the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. He remains the team's all-time wins leader with 117. He is the only pitcher to have thrown over 2000 innings as a Brewer (Mike Caldwell is next, and he is more than 400 innings behind Slaton).  He is also the all-time leader for pitchers in starts, appearances, and shutouts. He is second in complete games behind Caldwell.  He's even tied for 28th overall in games finished and tied for 29th in saves (with 11).

In terms of relations with fans, Slaton was always cordial and friendly. I have a lot of cards autographed by Slaton, and he was always a favorite of mine simply because he always took the time with kids to sign autographs and to talk about the game.

I have 58 Jim Slaton cards/items, which includes listing the cards I have autographed separately from the unautographed version so long as I have the unautographed version, of course. And, because I have an autographed card of Slaton with the Tigers, I've included it here too.

1972 (1)
Topps #744

1973 (2)
O-Pee-Chee #628
Topps #628

1974 (2)
Topps #371
Topps #371 (autographed in black sharpie on front)
Topps Stamps #200

1975 (4)
O-Pee-Chee #281
Topps #281
Topps #281 (autographed in blue ballpoint pen on the back)
Topps Mini #281

1976 (3)
A&P Grocery Store Milwaukee Brewers (Unnumbered)
SSPC #229
Topps #163

1977 (3)
Burger Chef Fun Meal Disc
Hostess #105
Topps #604

1978 (3)
O-Pee-Chee #146 (shown on Brewers, listed on Tigers)
Topps #474
Topps 6-card panel (from Dyn-O-Mite Mag. (?) w/Luzinski, Foster, Buckner, Garr, and Madlock)

1979 (1)
Topps #541 (with Tigers, Autographed on front in blue ballpoint pen)

1980 (3)
O-Pee-Chee #10
Pizza Hut Placemat (w/Molitor, Thomas, Bamberger, Davis & Martinez)
Topps #24

1981 (4)
Donruss #447
Fleer #518
Topps #357
Topps #357 (autographed on black in blue ballpoint pen)

1982 (8)
Donruss #80
Donruss #80 (autographed on back in blue ballpoint pen)
Fleer #153
Fleer #153 (autographed on back in blue ballpoint pen)
Milwaukee Brewers Milwaukee Police
Milwaukee Brewers Milwaukee Police (autographed on front in blue ballpoint pen)
Topps #221
Topps #221 (autographed on front and back in blue ballpoint pen)

1983 (12)
Donruss #330a (bio printed on white background, not yellow)
Donruss #330b (bio printed on yellow background)
Fleer #46
Gardner's Bakery Milwaukee Brewers #17
Milwaukee Brewers Milwaukee PD
Milwaukee Brewers Milwaukee PD (autographed on back in blue ballpoint)
Milwaukee Brewers Washington County Sheriff (autographed on front in blue ballpoint)
Milwaukee Brewers West Bend Police Department
Milwaukee Brewers Team Issue BxW photo (autographed on front in black ballpoint & personalized)
O-Pee-Chee #114
Topps #114
Photo at autograph signing with me

1984 (6)
Donruss #481
Fleer #214
Nestle #104
O-Pee-Chee Sticker #302
Topps #104
Topps Sticker #302

1992 (2)
Carlson Travel/United Airlines/TV6 1982 World Series commemorative set SGA
1982 Anniversary Collection (Yearbook card?)

2000 (1)
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel All Decades Team 1970s Starting Pitcher

Hero Deck Milwaukee Jack of Diamonds

2016 (1)
Topps Black Buyback 1983 Topps #114

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